Cosmic Signatures?

(Jex Silver) #1

Can we get their spawn rate increased on SISI? 40 jumps so far and nada.

(Amak Boma) #2

claim sov in nullsec then use /boostsov wait for downtime and hope you get sigs. remember to fill all upgrades on ihub

(Jex Silver) #3

All I was looking for, was a Superior Sleeper Cache, I did over 120 jumps that day and found a total of about 10 cosmic signatures, of course 80% were wormholes…

A TEST server should not take so long to find a site for testing… In fact we should be able to spawn sites on command.

(Amak Boma) #4

man i gave up on signatures long ago i scan and find wormhole,warp on it and what… no wormhole and signature disappears lol. its annoying

if you find wormhole to sansha c4 wh j011195 let me know… just mail me on TQ that u found the c4 with sansha rats n sisi. need to test some setups but it must be shattered sansha wormhole. the j010556 is empty almost because spotted few rattles running sites, i have alt i j010556 on TQ and using alt on sisi to check the wh after mirror but all time is drained to bottom. there is only three c4 shattered whs with sansha rats inside. plus they have ded sites too

(system) #5

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