Sisi and wormholes

really its hard to check for wormholes on sisi,day after day checking regons like

sinq laison,essence,verge vendor,solitude,placid heimatar,metropolis,molden heath,aridia,domain,khanid,genesis for wormholes. i mainly look for class 2 with static lowsec and second statim spending from 10 to 15 hours daily just to find the wormhole i look for,only im finding class 3 wormholes. no class 1 or class 2,ever class 4 or class 5 are RARE.

i understand the moveme command but scanning and rolling from there takes longer than scanning outside,already tried this for several days. ever those class 3 are already depleted,i’ve found numerous wormholes on sisi with leftover abandoned rattlesnakes, dominixes or even whole carrier. but problem is with wormhole spawning,since almost nobody scan for wormholes on sisi they simply do not appear. ONLY one non static wormhole spawned in observed class 3 wormhole,that was frig hole to syndicate…

what i wanted to test on wormhole? pvp/pve things i have friend so we can test arious things and planning to bring two or three more. really moveme command for wormhole testing is obsolete, good luck rolling c5 or c6 holes, i already tried this aswell with futile result. i never got single c2/ls/c2 wormhole for entire month of scanning… what is wrong???

with max skills my anathema has 204 scan strenght and easily pinpoint wormholes. problerm starts when

YOU FIND WH,WARP TO IT but it disappears before your warp ends.

with current meta and ongoing, the c5 pool with sites and c6 pool will deplete and these anomalies will go to other wormholes so theres and if you get c5 wormhole you empty it and move to next,evrytime you put citadel or pos to store your testing rattign equipment,you empty evry hole you come across and some day you will face one of previously emptied wormholes.

how to fix this on sisi side?
make anomalies and signatures max 3-5 day lifetime then they despawn and respawn in another wormhole. or make wormholes to auto-open on their own so it would give us actual chance to find wanted wormhole for testing.

of course the moveme command should include more wormhole locations,we used to have a drifter wormhole aswell but was ditched,drifter hole had exclusive c2 connection that could be rolled for new c2 in chance for bette wormhole so alternative to c2 from moveme [still c2 but drifter kind]

what else could be done to help testers testing stuff in wormhole space?

  • make them decay in longer time
  • make them automatically appear without scanning the static to open k162 on other side,let k162 spawn on its own
  • more roaming wormholes sush z971 r943 x702 m555 etc. so we could have higher chance to find our wanted wormhole for testing

currently TQ solution is to have like 6000 alts and put each scan alt into each wormhole and the scan evry wormhole on sisi alt after alt so you can take your hole of dream. but that is hard to achieve to have so much alts in all wormholes and practically this is waste of time in long term,only working solution would be to find wanted wormhole on TQ,plug your alpha scanner inside then wait for mirror,but that does not mean athat after mirror your taken wormhole has any content to test your stuff

will there be any in future improvements for wormholers on sisi at all?

you can move me to a certain class of wormhole, and that wormhole will always have a identical static. If you teleport to a C3, there will only be one sig and its the static C3

before you find right wormhole new mirror will happen and if wormholes would not despawn unusual way [you scan it warp to it and land in empty space with no wormhole] it would be good. but since players on sisi dont do wormhole stuff then they dont run sites,dont spawn k162 holes an dont run chains. this make scanning in high/low/null for wormholes almost impossible task. took me 9 days to find decent wormhole on sisi - while on tq would take max 2-3 hours.

i tried moveme wormholes at beginning and was doing scaning and rolling untill wormhole of dreams appear but this never happened due to zero activity in whs on sisi we dont have many whs on kspace. its very hard to find wh on sisi…seriousl very hard.

we remember ccp was having a moveme bot that was moving people to FD or 6-cz during massstests. maybe ccp could deploy wormhole bot that could move people to specific wormhole.

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