Why is the /moveme command so limited?

So we can teleport ourselves on Sisi to a few select systems. Including a small number of wormhole systems. But why limit it like that? Why can’t we just type
/moveme systemname
to teleport to any of the systems in the game? The devs definitely can do that, and I see no reason to not let the players do it on the test server.

When you want to test something in a specific wormhole class with a specific effect, it is extremely difficult to get there. Nobody scans on Sisi, so there are almost no open wormholes. The only chance is to teleport into one of the few wormhole systems available and scan from there. But finding the desired systems can take weeks or months.

And even just getting somewhere in k-space is a major PITA with the long loading times at every gate.

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Possibly to prevent easy Intel. If you know where someone is you can easily drop on them instead of flying out to them. Only certain areas need to be opened for the move me command.

It’s quite simple. The test server exists solely to test EVE development. The features of the test server exist to facilitate that testing and nothing more.

It is nice that they keep the test server open most of the time, but it does not exist as a @Terrorfrodo personal fitting/strategy test server.

Nonsense. Every player on Sisi who is testing something for their own reasons is also a valuable guinea pig for CCP. We provide usage data for free that CCP would otherwise have to pay in-house test players to generate.

It’s therefore hardly inappropriate to ask for removing artificial hurdles.

Seeing as they have to code in warp-in behaviors for each /moveme destination (the command uses designated delivery coordinates, not random spots on the grid - yes I tested this before I posted about it), I’m all for them not going through and doing this for every single system/wormhole out there. It’s a lot of work to add minimal value to the test server.

Just find a drifter hole - they have connections all over the place. It won’t take you that long if you pimp your Nestor with an Astero in the frigate bay.

I would like to add, before it’s closed, I also find the options limited, I like to test fits out on some of the harder pve content before purchasing the hull and parts on tq, any further options, even just regional (one system in a region) would be great.


Well it’s also worth pointing out that while it is super nice the CCP keeps the test server active most of the time it is not specifically there just to test fits in safety. It is there to test game development.

So while getting to play on it is a nice side benefit, I don’t expect CCP to expend extra resources towards that goal.

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