*/moveme directly to seed locations?

For example ytri in perimeter is where i can get goods to test scenarios. But not jita …

Could moveme reposition me to ytri?

You can use /moveme to any of the systems in the list that pops up when you type the command.

No, that is not every system and if Ytri is not in the list then you cannot /moveme there.

That said, all of the systems that you can move to with the command have been seeded with goods as far as I can tell, so why not test in one of those? Or move from there, jump gates and jump clones should work fine.

you are telling me stuff i already know… but the seed location is a jump away… i am asking the devs why they dont add locations directly to the seed stations like ytri in perimeter…

when you are testing multiple accounts it burns time… and when you fly out to test a location you want to get the entire fleet back to docking range to refit and test again…

You could /moveme to for example Rens if you want to test in high sec. Rens is seeded.

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Ill check it out thx

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