Where did the market go on SiSi?

There is no market available in Null, even in a keepstar with the market enabled. Hard to test things when there is nothing available for purchase. Are markets restricted to highsec and the /moveme systems only or is this something that will change?

There are seeded markets in many NPC stations on Sisi, even in nullsec. Not in Upwell structures though.

after mirror there will be cccp sov system with their keepstar sotyio and probably tatara for all our needs…they plan to make this

Absolutley agree. 00 sec is total empty for any one who want test something. /moveme need to upgrade, this will be great, or make a markets

Go to NPC null and buy all you need.

if only the nearest npc station wasnt a whole regional gate and 8 jumps away.

yes, /moveme needs a change… this way hauling millions of m3 of capital parts wont suck so much ass

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8 jumps is nothing :slight_smile:

Fit some cargo expanders + rigs on a freighter and you can haul 1mil m3+ per trip if you really need to.

The fever convenience tools there are on Sisi, the less it will interfere with the testing environment. Though I agree that it would be nice to be able to set a target for /moveme

I’m not sure if you understand how many parts you need for a titan.
Total volume for an avatar is
Total Volume 70,030,000.00

Now if you want to do 70 trips of 8 jumps, say an average of 20AU, at 1.37 AU /s
160 au / 1.37 = 116.8 s plus the average align time of 38.76 s per system 310.08s plus give 30 second (give or take) per jump tunnel x 8 = 240 seconds
so, each trip one way is about 666 seconds (lol)
each one way trip is 11 minutes
you have the patience to spend 13 hours ish to haul all that, go ahead, be my guest

that’s why convenience tools are welcome.

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if they remove copyships we cannot clone deadspace mods anymore,perhaps if ccp seed them or even seed atleast faction mods it would be great too,especially for ships with thin cpu/powergrid

to cut time grab a tons of leopards and reprocess each freighter after you do hauling and return with leopard to station to pick next freighter,then dock to ur structure unload,reprocess grab leopard and get main station and repeat untill you are done

Or you could just anchor an engineering complex in-system and build it locally, then jump it out? Think outside the box.

Building a titan is an extreme edge case, not something you do every day on Sisi. There is absolutely no need to make player-available convenience tools for it - developer hours are best spent elsewhere.

As suggested, I went to NPC Null that was relatively nearby.

not something you do, but something other people do.

Can’t think outside the box when you can’t setup supercapital production in a non sov system.

by taking away the stuff we already could do… sure.

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I know. I used to do that when I had to go 3 jumps when I was building in delve. it cuts off maybe 20-30% of your supply problems. so the 13 hours becomes…9 if you get lucky?

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I stand by it being a useless edge case exercise that isn’t worth spending developer time on. And I also raise you that building titans is not meant to be a solo exercise by any means - get 13 alts and those 13 hours will turn into one :slight_smile:

But on another note, if you need to haul, how about hauling compressed ore instead and then building everything on-site? I haven’t done the full math but an avatar’s parts apparently only need a total of about 3.372 billion tritanium - the biggest ingredient by volume. The compressed dense veldspar needed to reprocess into that volume of trit takes about 1.1m m3 of space - one charon’s worth. We have to make some allowance for refining loss but then even it looks like you can probably get it all down to 3-4 trips if you use compressed ore. Sounds better to me than the 70 you proposed.

I dont think that taking away something we could do before is a positive use of their time in the first place.
They spent time taking it away for no reason.
Changing /moveme to be user defined variable could be more useful and would benefit every player who uses sisi. that way you could take a TQ titan to masstests without having to worry about getting it back to testing grounds for other things… assuming you make it out alive after the free for all

Dont forget its not only trit you need, there are different ores needed so you have to take varying quantities of different compressed ores

Sure, that’s a nice idea. but then you have to build all those parts. you only have so many build slots per toon. each build costs time. so you just wasted probably what a a couple days? a week? a month?

Just the 222 capital propulsion engines alone is 6 jobs at just over 3 hours. there are 15 different parts needed and some are over 500.

I know you are just trying to provide an alternate viewpoint, but some of these things are more labour intensive than you realize.

no thanks. i mean if you want to pay for a minimum of 14 accounts on your dime, sure. but I’m not paying for that. i have enough as it is.

Let me save you some time. @Pretty_Funny is completely right about this and @Destamon is completely wrong about this. Thanks for stopping by.

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I haven’t seen an answer as to WHY SiSi went from having a “decent” (seeded) market in Null to a nearly non-existent market in Null.

probably because all the conquerable stations are going bye bye.

honestly the way it’s going, just eliminate new eden altogether, make the combat system the only system and be done with it
something for everyone to hate. because obviously trying make everyone happy isnt in the roadmap

Sure. Thanks for contributing absolutely nothing of value. :smile:

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