Null-sec market stations?

Its been a while since I last was on the test server, but I remember that there were stations in every null-sec regions with a market hub to buy all the stuff. I know that stations have been removed last year, but how does one go by buying stuff to test in there own little corner of null-sec, or are we all supposed to test everything in the few systems where we can /moveme to? :thinking:

Is it maybe an idea to put market hubs up in Keepstars?

It does not. You have to go to M-O where the seeded CCP Keepstar is, or go to NPC null sec stations.

there are some nullsec regions with no npc stations nearby example rogue drone regions

Yeah, i live in Malpais region where no npc stations are and its where all our structures and stuff are ofcourse where we want to test things. Thats not posible anymore as there is no station near us with a market that has everything. :confused:

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