Where are the lowsec trading hubs?

Hi all. I’m about a month in and deciding what I want to do in the game. One thing I thought would be fun/interesting was lowsec-to-lowsec trade routes, very small scale, between player structures. Having a look on the structure browser through a few regions around the south, there weren’t many player-run stations that included a market, unless they were in a very violent system. Is this because the structures themselves are too vulnerable, or is it too hard for the market/structure managers to earn a profit from this activity?

It seems like low-sec entities run markets for their own alliances, but that neutral/freeport markets don’t get much traction. I’ve never operated a structure, but just as a small-time industrialist/marketeer I found it was a steadier income to sell doctrine ships on alliance contracts than to spend a lot of time on the open market trying to make a profit on the margins.

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You should try hisec to lowsec and the way back, it will be same mechanics and market has a good volume. Also y can try null, bit would be risky xD

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I did think that trying NPC null might be something to try, once I get some time and practice in lowsec. Maybe. Until then there might be more money in the high-to-low route.

I’m not gonna try to steal your thunder @Yosanna, but you had a good idea to think about trades other than a simple buy-low-sell-high. I will brainstorm and see if anything comes of it.

Appreciate your time. o7

shows high low and null trade hubs.

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I have not been on MD for some years. But I have been trading since 2011.

Big ups on seeking the MD thread!!

@F3ND1MUS gave you a great link. Use that for sure. However, just because a system is marked as a hub doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna be stocked. NPC trade goods in daily volumes can be found at most of these “hubs” as well as hauler missions. And though the margins are ■■■■, you can get standing and some isk doing them.

What I suggest is fly to these regions/systems/ stations and check the live market ticks and what’s being stocked, monitor the system for active nearby alliances/ corporations and check their kbs or sec status. Scout the area and what is being used/ destroyed.

I have had to compete with traders like @Yosanna but honestly with 4 maxed out traders when I move in, i will make money, but doctrine fits can earn you loyal buyers. What I did to counter this if they were not contracting is pre fit 30 or 40 and post the contracts, no advertisements needed. It never put them out of business but im not trying to do that, just make my money.

Also, about neutral/free markets. There’s definitely some that can be developed. I’m curious to log back in to see if Myherra is still a hub because in 2012 when I started listing 800 sell orders all the FW guys that were plexing in the bleak lands all the way to heimatar were shopping there once they found it. I never advertised but it’s 1 or 2 jumps from Iesa and was like a hidden market for a while. In 2015 after a year of inactivity there were still traders posting orders and it was a bustling hub.

My point is, once I had 2 max traders and 800 orders between all my toons, I was able to have a consistent income off that market, the tricky part is, getting your stuff there safely. The pain in the ass part is procuring the goods at a good price (sitting in amarr and jita babysitting orders). Sometimes it took me nearly 2 weeks to restock. Then you’ve got to consider the current state of travel. And also when you become an active trader in that kind of volume…

Do NOT think there aren’t pilots out there watching who they are buying from. I lost 3 charons full of goods in 2016. Lol.

So. Yeah. Sorry for the long response. I’m a little excited to be back in MD and very excited to log in again.

o/ fly safe


great response, and i learned to check kill mails for doctrine fits, i forgot about that😀

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