Do any traders contact alliances or corporations for docking priv. to move goods?

I have a corp for me and my ult that I want to keep us in. I’m a lonely guy and I kinda like it that way for now.

I want to move goods and trade in low/null.

I’m wondering, do traders often contact groups and ask them if, as a trader, can I have docking and market priv in one of their stations

Anyone with a market in their structure either has open access already or is deliberately restricting access.

Virtually all up well structures are missing market modules. Certainly in highsec where they aren’t worth the fuel.

I see, so I could just go to a structure and test to see if I can dock and then see if it has market capabilities? Would I see items being sold at a structure if it wouldn’t allow me to dock there?

If the structure has a market with anything for sale the stuff will show up in the market browser when you’re in the same region. You can see anything listed in Tranquility Trading Tower (the Keepstar in Perimeter) while you’re sat in Jita 4-4 for example.

There are a few structures with markets worth paying attention to. Look for IChooseYou or Tranquility Trading Tower in the name. Either in a trade hub system or one jump out.

Your trade hubs being Jita for Caldari, Hek and I guess Rens for Minmatar, Dodixie for Gallente, and Amarr for Amarr.

It’s more likely that you’ll be “allowed” to move your goods to low/null, only for them to not actually give you docking permissions, kill your ship and take the loot it drops for free.

If you want to trade in low / null, join the alliance / corporation that owns that space.


Scoots Choco is right

Why would any group setup and hold territory only to allow you to profit while not bleeding with them for the opportunity, seems like a leach thing to try and do.

Most competent groups have internal logistics and won’t allow a unaffiliated party to profit off them.

You could try to contact an alliance in Providence, like CVA or Sev3rance

Maybe their NRDS lifestyle also allow docking rights.

It does. i believe years ago you had to pay a nominal fee to dock without standings but it was open to all

ill give you docking to out fort … let me just order 100 bill worth of cargo first … who do i contract it to?

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