Station docking rights and null markets

I was once trading in Null (not NPC null) in a station found while out doing relic sites. I could dock and trade there but after 2-3 months lost the docking rights but could still trade there.

Do you think there is still null trade hubs to be found that one could have the ability to dock and trade from? And if I set up shop in one the only thing they could do I to deny me docking rights but not deny me rights to trade there?

Is my only option to search for an NPC null station?

Well, you can always sell out of NPC stations (which are dotted throughout NPC Null). Past that, you’ll need to find a freeport. Apparently some of these freeports only exist to trick people to cyno/tether caps to them, and stuff like that. So I would refrain from cynoing in JF’s and anything else of large value. I guess I would have trusted the provibloc freeports if they were still doing their thing, but they’ve been evicted from provi. Now, I did hear that there are people trying to reestablish NRDS in provi, so I might trust their structures a little bit more than I would others, but I would still view any structure not owned by my own group with at least some suspicion.

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