Current state of Providence?

Could someone(s) please update the current state of Providence?! Whats the current political situation? What area is still NRDS? Where can neutrals dock? Etc…etc…

There are systems now, where you just can not dock. But there are still systems where you can. And yes, NRDS is still somewhat working.

Where CAN you dock? Systems under a particular alliance?? Using Dotlan - where??

Go to Provi and find out. Don’t be a lazy ass.

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So you’re one of “those guys”. You’re not as good at being snarky as you might think.

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One way to find out where you can dock is to get information on a system and check the structures tab. If you see anything listed, confirm it has the ‘docking’ service in its services tab (perhaps an unnecessary step, but I prefer to be thorough). If so, you should be able to dock there.

Its status is long and yellow, used for hauling things

Gloriously Golden, not “yellow”! pfft

Forgive a former slave for being colourblind after having to build those abominations :stuck_out_tongue:

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I didnt realize Providence had NPC stations and was trying to figure out, since its NRDS, which alliance(s) allowed neutrals to dock… Anyhow thanks for the typical smartass anti new player friendly Eve response.


Providence has Upwell structures, and these can be found in the system info pane if they are accessible to you.

To take an example system (Not in providence since it doesn’t have NPC stations, and to avoid divulging information that is not public because I may have access to stations in providence you do not), here are the NPC Stations listed in the Stations tab of the system information window. To the immediate right of this tab is a ‘Structures’ tab.


The ‘Structures’ tab lists player owned structures that meet certain access requirements. In Providence the ‘Stations’ tab will not exist, but the ‘Structures’ tab will be there if there are any upwell structures to list in it. No tab, no docking in that system.


If the station lists Docking under ‘Services’ in its info window, you can dock there. Most likely, any station you see remotely listed will be dockable, but I like to be absolutely certain the station isn’t strangely listed as providing some other service publicly while denying docking rights.


Depends… are you on CVA KOS list?

NRDS state of Provi, with alliances named (CVA , Apocalypse Now (APOC), Sev3rance (-7-), Central Omni Galactic Group (COGG), Coalition Hispania , Care Factor, OURP, Republic, and Lumio)

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