How safe is Providence?

Just exploring Providence at the moment, and it seems most people in local belong to NRDS corps/alliances.

I feel like I’m being lured into a trap :stuck_out_tongue:

You are not safe from being hot dropped, running into a gatecamp, or having people scan you down in sites. It’s still null, and moreover the Provibloc doesn’t really exist to safeguard that pipeline anymore.

Sure, I get that. You can’t ever really stop looking over your shoulder in low/high sec :slight_smile:

I’m mostly wondering if these supposed NRDS people can be trusted to not shoot a random player flying around Providence.

From a diplomatic perspective, it’s very very important to these alliances that their fleets maintain those rules of engagement. Remember that NRDS is an invitation for neutral pilots to make the opening moves in an engagement, alliances and corps that fly that way (mine included) do so at a slight disadvantage to keep good relations with other NRDS null entities. In my opinion, you can generally trust them. If you can get an alliance like CVA to give you blue standing, you’re in even better shape.

OK, cool. Thanks. I’m going to have to give that a try. See how long I can stay alive out there :slight_smile:

They’ve been maintaining NRDS for years now, so yeah, if you stay neutral they won’t shoot you.

You should find out the list of corporations / alliances that are the “locals” (in charge of the area) and add them as contacts for yourself with blue standings, and you should find out what channels they use for “intel”, and listen on those channels for warnings about intruders.

0.0 (nullsec) space operates on standings, so the denizens can tell at a glance who’s friend and who’s foe (unlike high-sec where everyone appears neutral but can attack to suicide-gank you at any moment), and you need to set up your Overview coloring and warning system to be as close as possible to theirs, so that you don’t shoot the wrong person. If you attack the “locals” they’ll set your standings to red as a pirate and then you won’t be neutral anymore. For best results, act as a polite guest and NOT as an entitled little ■■■■, and they’ll return the favor and not add you to their list of kill-on-sight enemies.

Also, the area gets raided very often, because NRDS means they don’t bother to set up 24hr gate camps at the entrances to Providence, to block everyone (and enemies) from entering. So enemies do enter, very often, looking for fun fights. You’ll see a lot of small roaming fleets coming in, and/or fighting the defense fleets that the locals put together. Listening and communicating on the intel/defense channels is important.

Thanks for the details.

I did manage to get down there and rat for a couple of hours, without getting shot to pieces, with a lot of NRDS people in local. So that appears to be legit.

Did get hunted by a roaming fleet a couple of times though, but that’s easy enough to escape if you’re paying attention.

It’s an interesting concept: a civilized null-space :stuck_out_tongue:

Check their KOS lists… I’ve had many alts that magically end up on it, including 2 that have never left Jita 4/4 in 5 yrs.

They have a lot of d-bags that put you on it just for fun…

Why wouldn’t the douchebags (just testing the filter) simply join an NBSI null sec corp or alliance and shoot everyone not on the white list? Seems like that would be a simpler, more straight forward strategy than gaining enough standing in an NRDS community to control their black list.

Because as soon as you do that there is no more Coalition, and the Provibloc as it once stood would be impossible without people adhering to NRDS. Don’t worry, you wind up with plenty of reds soon enough, it is nullsec.

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