Is NRDS still a thing?

o7 folks,

I played EVE Online last in like 2016 or so. Back then, you could basically live in Provi and be unaffiliated with Provi corps and alliances because of the NRDS policies they had. Are these policies still a thing? I’m running a very small (my roomie and me) indy corp and while we’re too small to have diplo standings or to join an alliance, we’d love to hang out in provi null, but we’re just wondering about the situation there and what things look like these days.

NRDS is dead, killed by CVA. And to be honest its not really a loss.

NRDS is the default rule of engagement for everyone who starts playing eve. It’s enforced by concord. Many players enjoy living under this ruleset :slight_smile:

It’s also used by some in low security space or in NPC Nullsec. I think NBSI works best in sov null because there you can actually evict people, which is not something you can do in low or NPC null.

Nope, NRDS hasn’t returned (yet?). No signs it will any time soon either.

I only do NASI (Not Aiko, Shoot It).


And if it’s @Iceacid_Frostpacker then HEAF it is: “High Expectations Are Futile”. :wink:

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