I guess CVA and -7- will disband now that they got tossed out of provi huh.

:red_circle: Are you living under a stone? CVA has left Providence weeks ago.

left? or kicked in the butt.

i guess NRDS didnt work out

also shout out to Disposable Ensign

NPSI is the only way to play.

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CVA and -7- may have left Providence, but the fight for NRDS in Providence continues.

how so? and by who?

I’m fighting back for NRDS in Providence.

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I thought I heard somewhere that Provi bloc had been kicked out Provi before. Is that true?

Regardless, I hope that they can weather this storm and reestablish NRDS in Provi (or even somewhere else). A lot of people give Provi Bloc and NRDS sh1t, but I think they made New Eden a richer and more diverse place.

To OP:
I don’t know if you’re just trolling or trash talking and don’t care, but many groups have survived getting kicked out of their space before. Sometimes they go crash on someone else’s couch in null, sometimes they go to Lowsec and actually manage to rebuild there (Test). Wasn’t it early this year when Winter Coalition got kicked out their space and moved up north? And, of course, one of the most famous example is when “Goons got kicked out of Eve.”

I still don’t understand why the NRDS social experiment needs sovereignty. Just do it in Great Wildlands.

It’s because Amarr Victor!

The irony being CVA mostly a pirate outfit subjugating the weak.

Subjugating the weak is all alliances and megacorps are good for.

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