To The Pilots of CVA

Due to the continued and actions and threats by your own alliance, AFK has no choice but to address standings change to your alliance. We will consider your alliance KOS to AFK and New Eden.

If you choose to be NoN-kos and maintain some relations with AFK, you can ofcourse leave your current alliance.

I’ve also NOT cc’d this message to your alliance exec.

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Curious how none of this stuff happened when Provi wasn’t burning to the ground already.


The rats are fleeing the sinking ship and they fight each other for any scraps of wood they can use to stay out of the water.


So huh… Is Providence failcascading or is Vaari shaking up public opinion for some dastardly purpose?

As a pilot of the CVA, the fact it apparently has taken AFK leadership 2 weeks to notice that we reset them suggests it was justified.

like HTP and PHEW before them, they couldn’t do anything before they had someone bigger come hold their hand.

please get your facts str8

AFK is recruiting.

This is beautiful.

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God bless Provi

What’s the big deal about providence area, it shows up a lot in forums, I mean dull sec it dull sec, what is so special about providence?

Providence has been the only area that’s clung to NRDS (Not red don’t shoot) policy for the majority of it’s existence. The rest of null is NBSI (Not Blue Shoot It).

It’s been able to do so due to several alliances, most notably CVA, who’ve tried to keep Providence that way… and the fact that the space is probably the least desirable in all of null.

Because of that policy, Providence has been perhaps the easiest place for newer players to get their toes wet in null because the “local” groups give them a station to dock at don’t shoot them on site.

It also has very lax security due to the NRDS policy compared to other parts of null. And the many new pilots often have less that ideal skills at avoiding danger. This means those who ARE red can easily come visit and find targets. Providence is in many ways the place other alliances come when bored to blow stuff up. It is one of the busiest regions in null due to that fact.

The local residents emotional attachment to Providence (again… especially CVA) also results in a tendency to attempt to defend and failing that re-take the space despite the fact there are more lucrative and easier to defend bits of null available. CVA has been kicked out of providence at least twice and then keeps coming back.


So a sort emotional attachment reminiscent of goons attachment to delve, I guess I’m less attached to this or that area in high, I am all over the board and do a lot of moving about to find opportunities for isk, lots of folk sell a lot of stuff for a bargain because they are moving to dull, or just getting rid of stuff, but you spend a lot of time jumping.

During any invasion there are always those who lack the depth of faith or the strength of constitution to go as far as is necessary. Providence is the sovereign territory of the Amarr Empire and it is CVA’s stated goal to Colonize and make the Providence region ready for the Amarr empire to expand its borders.

I have spoken. ADRIEN BAR BO BOT!!!

Since when was last time CVA has actually cared anything about amarrian loyalism. They are pretty much loyal as average veldspar asteroid and just as dumb.


CVA and the other loyal members of the Providence coalition are fighting to keep the unwashed masses of Pandemic Legion and the Northern Coalition from plundering the resources and stations of Providence that are rightfully part of the Amarr Empire. They are throwing billions of isk worth of ships and material in an effort to prevent the annexation of Providence by infidels.

Silent Infinity… ran away.

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I have been on that blessed region longer than CVA. I have lived and fought there longer than perhaps any of you from proviblock.

I did not ran. I was kicked out by some new comers and their lackeys who love nothing better than to soak their tongue in Xhjfx rear end and prey he do not set them kos.


It is my shame to admit, but my tongue has also been on that brutes ass hole. I was too afraid to tell him my mind and now he was too important. I can tell that his rear end is so unwashed that any member from PL is paragon of hygiene compared to that.

My only regret is how I did not start this years ago when we were less customed to have kos list on our sight at the push on a button. Perhaps then Sir Daedalus would have chosen righteousness and loyalty over short term profits and would not protected that peasant.

I see infidels attacking Providence.
I see CVA fighting them.

I don’t see Vaari.
I don’t see Silent Infinity.

You ran.


It is not my habit to imto interviene when i see two pirate alliance fighting.