CVA are you guys joining Caldari FW? We need more fights :D

As part of Gallente FW we may have beaten the hell out of Caldari to the point where their moral is broken, to the point where the is a single caldari pilot left standing trying to solo defend with a dread while the caldari bot armies farm away.

We heard that CVA is moving to Syndicate, will you join Caldari FW and come to their aid?

Just guessing here but CVA is an Amarr RP group with little interest in the Cal/Gal war. That and the current state of FW makes me think the answer would be a “no”. The fact that they are moving there at all should wave a lot of red flags regarding the current state of the game environment.

From what you have described, there is nothing there to be saved anymore.

I thought CVA was dead.

cva never joined amarr fw lol

They are a pacifist role play corp, right?

No. They are (or were) a very long standing Amarr RP corp that held NRDS rules in Provi for most of the life of the game. If in fact they do move it will be an end to another very old tradition in EVE. Love or hate CVA, this would be a sad day in EVE lore.

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They haven’t lost their null sovereignty yet?

NRDS is another word for pacifist role play.

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No it isn’t actually. The original idea was to have LS and NS access for new players to get their feet wet in while also exploring the mechanics of the space. Provi had a lot of corps in it and thus players were also exposed to other play styles and other groups of players. CCP’s game design made this very difficult, but a lot of work went in to making it somewhat successful even though it was an uphill battle.

They lost space several times but always returned. One thing they actually had going for them is Provi has never been space worth keeping of any other reason. CVA was part of a loose confederacy of corporations that oversaw the operation of Provi, in the name of the Empire. It had plenty of drama throughout the years.

It’s something EVE actually needs but CCP has never really supported it (not shocking). This would be an end of an era in EVE.

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Whatever you say, boss.

There used to be a lot of EVE lore (big lore at that) that was base on player activity. You’ll notice that’s no longer true.

That is probably because the “leaders” are all getting older. So too with the real world, old men have fewer dreams and less ambition, but rather than ceding to the next generation, they hoard their wealth and power in a vain attempt at relevance and immortality.

I think there just aren’t any reasons to try anything anymore. Null is wallowing in wealth and resources, LS has been left to die on the vine with FW. WH space is kind of a mess and CCP doesn’t seem to have much of a plan there either (remember what Thera was supposed to be?). HS “worked” but the mechanics are a disaster. Null is so bored (for years now) that they just attack anything that isn’t themselves simply for something to do.

There is literally no reason to fight. Wars are more play-dates now than anything. Goons (just as an example) became what they claimed to hate. The days of the Vee Cee Bees are long behind them. Have you ever looked at their old propaganda videos? They were brilliant. Clockwork Pineapple also made really good, funny, offensive ones. Nobody makes these anymore and why would they?

Heck, there really isn’t much left for player created meta game content left at all. To be fair, why would anyone even bother? Even the politics is boring since there is little left of real animosity.

CVA moving just makes me sad. I think that would be one of the last pieces of the old EVE ending (I’m sure there are some smaller pieces still out there that I don’t know of, but not many if any). I was never in CVA but I have flown with some of them before. I can’t even say it was a corp I thought of as really cool, but I respected their goals.

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You seem to be serious…

The world is what we make of it. Then as now. Blaming CCP for the change in player behavior is delusional.

CCP is not the bulk of the problem though. I just think they have no actual plan or direction. It feels like everybody who knew the plan left years ago. The players are a big part of the problem too. Like real life, problems usually have multiple sources when to really look at them.

Since the forums are full of this kind of discussion, I’ll just stop right there.

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What we need, is a dread pilot with the right HAW torps. Yea, that was me. “Just smile and wave :wave:

Yea new eve is very different to the old eve I really do miss the old eve.

Capital blobs everywhere clogging up the works. Everyone is too scared to loose their capital force otherwise they are dead in the water and hence stagnate its sad the old eve never had this problem and so people could take much more risk invading left right and center not worrying about loss at all and just having a good time.

Now a days 98% of alliance will ■■■■ a brick if you loose something expensive and shame the person when this person should be celebrated for having the guts to try something risky.


Those are also the very same people accusing others of being risk averse. Crazy.

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What? I dont know.

I think the best thing for Thera would be to make it a 0.5 system and so there would be always a connection from high sec there in a form of working wormhole generator operated by SOE, spawning wormholes.

There would be always also other wormholes to null and low sec and everywhere.

why you alwasy want a safe space

Thera is fine, it’s an unique system and it should remain unique

What are you guys talking about? Thera is the greatest place in New Eden (assuming that we can still say it is in New Eden). I love Thera. I love everything about Thera.