The fight for Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) Providence region continues!

I call upon all NRDS oriented players and all NRDS supporters to join the fight in Providence region.
Waiting for CVA or some power block to reconquer Providence on behalf of CVA is not an option, as NRDS players have been quitting EVE. That means our inactivity in the matter costs us more than the red presence itself and any losses in ships they might cause us.

Fight and spread the message. But fight so our words are not empty.

Amarr Victor!


NRDS is dead and Equinox Daedalus killed it.


“Fighting” to not fight . . .

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And don’t buy into this red propaganda either, guys. Just fight and spread the message.

NRDS is not “not fighting”


It reminds me of highsec anti-ganking. All I can do is shake my head and wonder to myself: “what are you guys doing?”

I guess it is a roleplay thing.

Provi was the place to go as a rookie to explore nullsec without the usual consequences from the inhabitants. Neutrals were free to roam, and under the protection of the Provi sov holders. Idealistic yes, roleplaying no (bar the Amarr roleplaying in the beginning), politically viable perhaps with the right batphones. Realistic ? Hard to say after last summer. If enough minds are set on it, I guess it could.

Provi was open for combat with other groups, and was usually in the top 10 pvp charts every day. Had tons of fun there, in many ways.


It sounds like NRDS was only a small part of that special time you had.

What is the difference between “blue-donut” and “NRDS” - other than in one case people add half of Eve to a blue list and in the other case people add half of Eve to a red list?


I’m in favor of the tutorial just giving new players a conduit or something and dumping them in whatever Horde’s home system is since Goons won’t win the war and Test will be annihilated by Horde when the war’s over. So they can get an idea of what Eve really is like for the majority of its playerbase. Maybe some will quit. Maybe others will realise that being a nullbear is just slightly more fun than being a miner or a misson runner and that the true endgame was in highsec, ganking said miners all along.

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Donated all my isk to Cva.

You’ll find it hard to enjoy this computer game if you donate all your ISK to a random failed alliance. You should instead give it to U’K. Unlike the Amarr, they’ve never actually surrendered.

Care to elaborate ?

Why should there be any difference at all ? The acronyms NBSI and NRDS speak for themselves.

Oh, btw, at one point NRDS was the only thing that didn’t make the blue donut an established reality. Close enough, but not quite.

Ok look I gotta ask, been dying to for a while, but there hasnt been a speak of it in ages

Why is the Blue Donut such an anathema to people?

Dont get me wrong, Ive only ever been rebuffed from Nullentities so I dont have a horse in the race, Im just curious. Seems to me a natural progression?

It is indeed a natural progression and the reasons are as true here as in the real world of megacorps, monopolists, authoritarians, etc.

One of the reasons some players like the idea of NRDS space (like it was in Provi for a while), is the one of freedom to choose, of not being part of some mastodont coalition, yes even an illusion of independance, and the hopes of being able to carve out a piece of the Eve map for oneself.

The blue donut itself is a phenomenon of megacorps/monopolists blueing each other for the sake of “business” - peace increases the influence and power they have over their members and their renters, war is bad because they could lose membership. The blue donut takes away the hopes of being able to carve out a piece of the map and be “independent”. It came to the point where these big, mutually blue groups suggested to have staged fights, just to keep the pvp blood at least running a little bit, and the illusion that the game hadn’t naturally progresses into a stalemate, one where newer players could never hope to develop and deploy like the older content creators had done.

In that same light, imagine if goons were to be taken out of the game (won’t happen, but this is a thought experiment) by this current big war. Would the game be better ? Only if what remains on the map would start fighting each other, of course. But again, that new conflict would result in a new perhaps thinner blue donut, until only one megacoalition exists, suffocating the entire map (pretty much what happened on Serenity). In other words, the blue donut is the real end game. End game bad, blue donut bad :smiley:


Fair enough, makes sense.

Just sometimes, even though I make my game about living on the fringe, surviving, and generally cobbling together plans and goals from old toilet roll tube and cellotape, sometimes I kinda wanna belong to something bigger, or a faction or even just a state, and help progress something bigger than myself.

Then I just go eehhhhhh but NULLBOTFARM


I completely understand and share your position, perhaps with the change that I love dropping bombs from cloaky ships where and when I can, with like-minded individuals, whom I seek out myself or train. The fringe is at least independent from any blue donut, although it too suffers from market domination which inevitably comes from that same blue donut.

And that’s one of the reasons not to speak out against NRDS. Despite all flaws in its concept and realization (let’s not bring up the KOS list) it at the very least gave people a choice.


In what distorted mind is this a roleplay thing?

It has strictly nothing to do with being NRDS, what you describe is just a relatively small alliance taking some SoV without being part of a bloc.

Entirely possible to do so. One of my corp members (in Provi), used to mine and rat and pvp there, following the rules of NRDS. On another account, or at least toon, he was a pilot following the teachings of James315, writing and receiving hilarious mails to and from his targets (pretty much in a pre-“WingspanTT” fashion). We often had good times going over the mails and convos he had had in his clandestine time …
He did feel slightly guilty about it, and eventually pulled out of Provi after a few years, not because he had to, just personal choice.

It’s a style choice for the benefit of newer players diving into nullsec life. That is one of the main points behind the NRDS rules. I thought that was already clear.