Back after a few years - wondering what happened to regional buy/sell

Among other things I can’t place buy orders in stations that now seem to be privately owned, nor sell items I have in stations with the same. Even in hisec. I’ve been searching for a post that details these changes but I’m guessing it’s years old…what is the state of buying and selling? Do you have to belong to the alliance or corp that owns the station to buy there?

Not every player station has the ability to interact with the market. They require an actIve Market Module that can only be fit on large structures. You do need to be able to dock to use them, but most of them are open to the public.

There is a ‘Structure Browser’ tab now in your Neocom which allows you to see the structures with a market you can use.

As I understand it, they work like so:

Player owned structures with a market module:

  1. Owner controls the brokers fee
  2. Owner can control who docks there
    3 #2 can also dictate if you can use that market
  3. You cannot sell to a player owned structure from another player owned structure order (this is because you could sell to them from a structure they can’t access)
  4. You CAN sell to a player owned structure order from an NPC station.

Even if you or someone has docking rights to a structure and even if that structure has a market service, you cannot seel to a buy orders with range in another structure if the BO is set up from a structure.

so pretty much contracts eh? that’s a shame for region wide buy orders…quite the time vampire

I am not sure what you think you are missing out on here. NPC stations have not been converted to privately owned stations.

Region wide buy orders work exactly as before. Traders are not using contracts to buy stuff that fit in the market interface.

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