Service Module - Station Market/Limited Market

The Station Market would be a new limited form of the market module with the following features:

  • You can place buy and sell orders like a regular market place

  • Unlike the regular market service module, the station market/limited market lacks the facilities for interstation brokerage. As such buy and sell orders can only be placed or fulfilled on that station; it is impossible to view the station buy and sell orders from any other station.

  • Additionally, due to thier limited escrow systems, all payments for purchase orders must be made in advance in whole. Pilots do not benefit from the margin trading skill.

  • Because of the space saved by forgoing the equipment to link to external markets, unlike the standard market module, this module can be fit to medium sized stations.

This module would serve as a quality of life improvement for smaller corps with private stations by allowing them to buy from or sell to corp memebers and others with docking rights. It would especially help cut down on the administation of corps with such things as ore/mineral purchase programs as instead of sifting through contracts and claculating their value, they could simply place buy orders on the market for their pilots to fulfill.

If you want to promote this as a corp tool, then it should be limited to Corp only.
Which would be a nice reason for corps in highsec to have a M Citadel then. Or even in Wh or low.
Alliances should be able to handle a fortizar.

However as you have it… it’s a perfect scam free plex trading citadel

I think corp only would be a bit too limited. Alliance only I feel would be fair though. Most alliances start out small and take time to grow. I doubt most industrial alliances in their starting days could effectively defend a large structure, especially with the 24 hour shield vulnerable changes.

You could also remove the ability to list objects under pilot services with a lore reason of concord wanting to be able to keep an eye on the trading of pilot license extensions and such.

Then maybe they should be just a corp rather than an alliance?
There being a corp only restriction would promote larger corps in highsec which is a good pressure to have… Rather than 10 man alliances.
Corps can hold thousands of people after all. And if you have a corp market you have less need to open the Corp office and hangers to everyone.

I agree it is limited but I feel it should be limited in this case. Amd that it being limited creates some positive pressures for corps.

P.S. Removing specific items gets complicated. KISS principle. Fewer easier to understand restrictions. In this case a very simple single one. Same corp as structure.

Since BPCs aren’t listable on the market I’d imagine there was already some system in place on each item which denotes whether they can be placed on the market or not. Chances are this is either a bool or a interger (or enum). Since there would have to be a change made to whether the items show up on the global market when placed on the local market if it’s a bool they would probably add a new bool for show globally so it’s not much to add a third saying can list? Hell it would probably be easier to change the bool to an int/enum than add new bools and they’d be future proofing. If it’s an interger/enum already or changed to an int then having an int/enum that means “can’t list on market” is quick. Either way they’re going to have to go through every object. Not saying it isn’t time consuming just saying it’s probably nto as complicated as you first think. I doubt the thing that excludes bpcs from the market is rooted in the market system itself given the update history of the game where things have been added to the market when they were previously only contractable (like limited edition ships) or things getting left off the market by mistake, though I could be wrong. It depends how they’re coded and I won’t pretend to knwo how they’ve done it. Just saying that it isn’t necessarily a complicated change and the system may already be set up to accept such a change.

This is not needed.

When it comes to private markets, you use ACL’s

People with out the proper ACL access are unable to see buy/sell orders of that station.
Further more using a private market, also has this bug…you can not see buy orders of an item unless a sell order for the exact same item also exists at that station.

This gives you control of who does and does not have access to your ‘private market’ and prevents orders appearing publicly for the most part. whether or not they have docking access rights.

I wasn’t meaning programming complicated. I was meaning player user complicated.

I like this idea as an Alliance or Corporate Market (you could manage this with ACLs, but I can see devs saying no to this because of the expanded usefulness, either way). It solves a lot of paperwork and difficulties that alliances/corporations have in managing subsidized ships/ammo/etc and buy-back programs intended for members.

As an industrial alliance, being able to just place ore/mineral buy orders that the alliance / corporations can sell to instead of selling to the market would make life infinitely easier.

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