New structure: Trade Post

The Problem
Currently market modules are only available on L and XL structures. This means that if a small group wants a market, they have to anchor a L sized structure which because it confers the ability to either build or dock capitals can often draw unwanted attention. It’s not possible to have a more distributed infrastructure with smaller structures that are less of a shiney target.

Blocking smaller groups from having markets is a problem, because markets are really useful in enabling players to collaborate, especially since CCP wants to encourage more local production over trade hub hauling.

Proposed Solution
Create a M sized “Trade Post” structure that is able to fit one or two “StandUp Market Stall” modules. “StandUp Market Stall” modules work in the same way to “StandUp Market Hub” except that they only provide access to a particular segment of the market e.g. raw materials, production materials, small ships, large ships, drones and ammo, skills and implants, structures and structure upgrades etc. (Exact market divisions to be determined). Another possible way to break up the modules would be to split buy and sell orders. And/or the module could be limited from the L version in the duration of orders allowed (e.g. only up to 1 month instead of 3) and/or range at which orders can be seen or interacted with (e.g. just in system).

The Trade Post would be similar in price and defensive capability to a Raitaru. It would be bonused for market Stall fuel usage.

This solution would allow a player group to stand up a single market for minerals and ore, for example, or have multiple structures to provide the full range of market capability instead of one L structure that does it all. There is still an advantage to having the L structure in that everything is all in one place, and in fact it could even be more expensive to have the multiple small structures if you want the full range of the market covered.

Alternatively, the Trade Post structure may not be needed and Astrahaus could be given the capability to fit a StandUp Market Stall.

You don’t think that CCP made a balance decision when they purposely limited the markets to L/XL citadels?

Instead of asking for a totally new structure, just ask for Retardus to get the market service.

Edit: On further reading of your OP, it looks like you did suggest that smaller citadels get the market service. I’d suggest you focus on justifying that aspect.

Yeh, fair point. TBH as I wrote it I did start to realize that the “StandUp Market Stall” module was the key thing here rather than the new structure.

The decision to restrict the market module to large and XL structures was deliberate and discussed during the lead-up to the Citadel expansion last year. The market hub is not intended for small groups unless they are prepared to think big. It requires 2880 fuel blocks to bring the module online and 40 fuel blocks/hour to operate it (less structure hull bonus if any).

Even with the restrictions we have a ridiculous oversupply of markets - which is likely why none of them seem to be getting much traction, at least in highsec. People want one-stop shopping, not the kind of market fragmentation that requires you to go to a dozen places to buy what you need!

One or two specifically are doing VERY well in hisec.

In much of null sec there are no markets at all in most systems. I really don’t think too many markets is a problem. And it’s not about “thinking big”. In much of null if you are a small alliance and you put up a fortizar, no amount of big thinking is going to stop it getting caps dropped on it.

There are even systems in high sec without stations and markets which could become interesting if players were able to set up a trading post. CCP ought to make structures way more modular. The initial investment required is too big. Why cant people start small and as their station grows in popularity they can expand it?

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I think it is intented. Small cheap citadel with market could cause balance issues.

However, I understand what you want to do. If you want to make a corp-only market then Azbel is little overkill…

Its just that i have identified a system that would be nice to set up an Ore market in, but i have no idea wether anyone will actually come and mine. And i have no way to find out unless i invest billions in a structure first. But it would literally take years to recover that investment. So in this case there absolutely is a demand for tradingposts. And for the record i honestly dont see what kind of balance issues would happen? Please elaborate

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Sure but no asset safety on it. If it gets popped it has standard drop chance for every item in the hub.

I like this idea i think. But i wonder if this kind of mechanic makes nobody want to use it. It seems like the risk vs reward is a bit out of whack. For example what happens if you have a big sell order on the station and it gets popped? Unless your items are secure in such an event i dont think anyone is gonna bother using it. Just saying.

Items are secure with asset safety

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