A mini market

I was thinking, why not have a 1 system range limited market citadel module that can fit in astra
small corps in null can utilize it for trading amongst themselves without having to implement a fortizar and its full size market, as well as not have to target a whole region.
It could be utilized through standings or even an ACL for viewing in the existing market window


Risk vs. Reward.

While personally I think that 10-15b for a Fortizar with a market is a bit high i also think that 1b for a throwaway Astrahus with a market is way too low.

You always gotta look at the bigger picture. While a 1b market Astrahus would certainly benefit smaller corps it would benefit the bigger ones even more.

already the case. You only have access to market of citadels you can access.

Instead of range limitations the small markets should only be available to the same alliance or corp. No one outside the alliance/corp can see the orders. That’s the only way I can see this materialize in EVE.

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its called corp/alliance contracts bud

Contracts are a pain in the back, way too limiting and a lot more costly than the market. Contracts are not a replacement for the market.

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Don’t corp hangars address this issue?

No, they do not. You cannot reasonably restrict who can take things from a hangar and ensure wide corp or alliance availability. Not to mention that only corps have access to the hangar, not the alliance. And the corp only has access to the hangar if an authorized person is online.

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The OP did not bring up alliances, so I did not think about that. Secure containers would be an option for corps as well.

I take your point, but don’t see them adding a new module to address this when their are other (albeit, less convenient) options. I could see managing such a mechanism being just as difficult as managing contracts.

It would not be difficult because only members of the corp owning the citadel or the alliance the corp is in would see market orders.

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So everybody would have access to everything if they were in the corp or alliance?

Just trying to clarify what you are looking for.

Everyone in that alliance or corp would see the market. No one else. Everything else stays as is.

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FIRST : traction on this - thank you :smiley:

now to address the comments :

Dyver Phycad - should only be available to the same alliance or corp.
yes exactly - that is what i implied but probably wasn’t clear on when i said
“small corps in null can utilize it for trading amongst themselves”
As opposed to alliances - which could be rather large in scope n scale the ACL thing i think could work if they allowed a 3 corp max (maybe a faction version with a 5 corp max ) ACL list entries

also the distance this market would actually work should be limited to the single station that it resided in or the system its in at most.

walker Hanomaa - Contracts…
omg contracts suck - ever try to buy the same thing 40 times from your corp members?

Jenne Wain - corp hangars
you cannot place a purchase or sale amount on individual items in the corp hangars
and i did not mention alliances cause i figured that was too big a scope for it and besides any reasonable size null alliance should be able to host a forti / full size market. and This idea is aimed at a corp being able to provide things and buy things from their members - not begin a market empire, not sell to other groups outside their small scope of people they care about and operate in their areas.

Also i didn’t mention the wormhole application in any of this - a module like this would be just the most appreciated quality of life improvement for wormhole based corps im sure.

And there are not a lot of citadel based / astra only / actually useful service modules - aside from the cloning bay…

I’m actually cool with this idea in premise, but I think it should be limited to station-only without any ability to search for items through the regular market, ie: you have to dock-up to place both buy and sell orders for goods and see what’s available.

This would ensure we don’t have umpteen Astras flooding high-sec to further lag market transactions. This could also lead to tax-free “freeports” (although chances are people are more likely to just shoot them).

Still, these could be beneficial for small groups (high-sec, wormholes) that want it mostly for in-corp transactions.


Very solid idea, like really I hear “they should do this, or that” probabaly 50 times a day from certain people, but this idea is one i can get behind 100% With a mini market for corp/alliance only or what not you can set up some nice sells/buy for corp/ alliance which would make life so much easier on many levels. As it stands now we have to use contracts or a market open to all to do this and contracts take forever to make in large amounts. It makes perfect sense to me…

Good idea indeed!


I can see this being a desired and good idea, the only thing I disagree with is allowing it’s use for alliances.
An alliance is typically big enough to handle the logistics of a large enough citadel for the regular market module.

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this is the exact idea paramaters i initally had in mind. local to a station only, not searchable etc. The whole idea is that its an internal corp market that can be used to replace the TEDIOUS Contracting that needs to be utilized currently to resale objects to your corp members. Not to mention add to the extremely limited amount of service modules currently targeting citadels.