Upwell Jump gates

We should look into doing the following

  • making stations all able to have market hub
  • allowing aniblex gates to be a “Service module” upgrade for stations.
    • and granting them use in high sec but increasing their fatigue application in high sec

i think this might have some potential for serious advantages for players.

You post a lot of changes proposal, but you never respond to the simple question:

Why any citadel (correction from “station”) should be able to run a market ? Why not a capital shipyard as well ?

Why change the ansiblex gates only a month or two after they were introduced into the game ?

Well, once again, please go develop your own game, and let EVE alone. You will then be able to implement all your stuff. You may even be successful :rofl:


lol, another terrible idea from the ban evader.


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Dear Alt, i always reply to “why”. If you dont accepted “why” i dont care.

Capitals are not high sec based, and until ccp does something about how they fundamentally work, it does not make sense for them to be on all stations (ie in high sec), though i’d advocate they should be built there, and be able to be transported.

We can fix this problem by simply adding some code to “check the unpackage” or “set active” options.

As for markets, there is really no reason why they should not be spammable in all stations, especially in high sec, as they provide isk sinks to the economy through taxes.

This will make space feel even smaller and reduce player interaction, which has historically shown to be bad for player retention.

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