Suggestion about Citadels, Jump Gate and Coalitions

Heya Capsuleers and CCP,

The tether should consume fuel more people is tethered less time you will have so at the end you can’t be tethered by the citadel. When the citadel is under attack you can’t add more fuel. (Should be Strontium Clathrates maybe?) Awww gosh! I know it’s too stupid to think something like that but anyway here it is.

When you are tethered, you can’t launch fighters/drones until you leave the tethering range or even lock someone. Maybe I over think but why the hell not! I can’t put that here? ha-ha

An alliance should have a headquarters declare. When you have a structure (citadels, Engineering complexes and Refineries) outside the region where your headquarters is, it will consume more fuel to keep it online. More the distance will be more consume it will be. Yup I know a lot of people will be against that even me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because the travel is too easy and the coalitions to powerful. I have some other suggestions as well. Now I think I will be kicked out and stay dock for a long time…

Ansiblex jump gate can’t be share to a coalition. (My two cents suggestion and the reason why I’m kicked out…) o7

It’s too easy to travel even with a capital ship. If you (CCP) add at some point the jump fatigue, it’s because it was too easy to travel. Even with the sub caps it’s too easy… At some point you will need to rethink that Ansiblex Jump Gate. I love to travel faster than faster, Could I go faster than that?

The tethered should only be available to the Alliance who has the structure. But why did I suggest that, I use that too from the others. Damned :’(

NPC station in low sec and 0.0 and Control Tower is still a around and you can use it. So where is the problem. Wherever you need. x)

I think I will go back to bed and come back, like in a few centuries. Lol

Have a good day capsuleers and CCP :blush:
Fly safe o7. Anyway, I’m not around anymore.

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