Low power structures and tethering

Remove tethering from low power structures

POSes didn’t do anything without fuel, why should citadels still magically work?



This probably makes sense. It would be consistent with how things worked before. Maybe weapons should be disabled also in low power mode.

The things are still probably too safe for what they offer.



I absolutely agree


+1 this makes sense

I and others have suggested this on multiple occasions from the initial postings about low power mode, and before that at initial launch about it being a service module itself to require fuel.

Still hasn’t happened, I really doubt we’ll ever see it sadly.

Probably just should have stopped at ‘remove tethering’.

probably should have refrained from posting :wink:

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Nah, you just put a reducing qualifier on a good idea.

+1. Tether is too powerful at the moment.
Its not just the “safety” part.
Repairing ships
Refilling capacitor
Repair heat damaged mods
Repair drones
So yeah an offline pos is as far away from a low power citadel as it can be.

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