Fuel for station services

There are lots of upwell structures littering space with a “Low Power” warning. Yet despite the fact they have no power they still provide services that have a “magical” supply of free power.

Suggestion :
Option 1 - All structures have the services, repair, corporate offices, insurance preinstalled - with an option to turn them on or off (without fulling penalty). When online they require 1 fuel per hour.

Option 2 - These services stop operating when the station is not fueled.

Low power doesn’t mean no power. However, to end the junkyard of stations make them “abandoned” after 30 days of no fuel. The structure becomes hull only and doesn’t invoke concord response in High Sec.

Or just war Dec them and kill the already extremely weakened structure normally. If it really is abandoned then there won’t be any problem


This requires owning a structure, declaring war for 200m, bashing a structure, then coming back to bash the structure again in a week. All for likely no benefit, hence why there is so many out there.

If there is no benefit then don’t do it…

The structures aren’t in your way either.

There are reasons to have a low power structure that don’t involve abandoning it.

Flying around Low & Null sec there is system after system with nothing but low power structures (The occasional Athanor online).

They provide benefit to their owners but there is no upkeep costs & with the bordom tank little risk of loss unless under an invasion.

Towers required fuel to have anything online, with these structures there is no basic upkeep cost. There should be at least some minimal fuel usage to cover the basic services.

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