Abuse of Depots and Citadels mechanics

A couple of things that happened to our group, and I considere is a clear abuse of game mechanics.

Mobile depots: the current mechanics allows to disengage and be able to refit, even you are receiving damage. Our victim, a BS disengaged and anchored a mobile depot to save part of his fittings and then died. So I propouse you shouldn’t be able to use mobile depots at all if you are receiving damage in something like 30mins or maybe if you are tacled.

Citadels: We were bashing a low powered fortizar in a WH, in middle of the operation the owner logged in, fuel it and then disconnect just to have the +1 extra reinforcement, and due the time cycles it added a week to the final vuln. period. So I propouse that you were not able to switch from low powered to powered state while receiving damage, or you are POWERED ON paying your fuel as everybody does or you are OFF.

So you BS pilots and Citadels owners knows now a couple of nice tricks :slight_smile: to keep the isk safe.

  1. Working as intended. you get 60 seconds to kill the depot before it anchors.
    Making you unable to use them when receiving damage kinda defeats the purpose of using them during combat to change fit. Especially since pve damage is the same as pvp.

  2. Eh. that one is a bit more reasonable. But also means an alert owner can’t fix sabotage by a spy as soon as you shoot it with a frigate.


The citadel damage notification did change to 95%. Maybe lock out the fuel bay when it reaches 95% damage. Plus, in terms of frigate sabotage there’s a damage threshold to contend with.

What the OP is describing seems more frustrating non-counterable gameplay than the offhand internal sabotage.

Ok pve damage does allow to activate the depot.

A frigate or even a BS doen’t matter if you pay your fuel, keep your cita POWERED as is intended by the mecahnics.

You should be able to extend your POWER period putting more fuel on it.
But you shouldn’t change his state from POWER OFF to POWERED.

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Similar to this subject, when under attack you can still use a maintenance bay of a neutral ship to store or swap your ship.

So you can come under attack store your ship in a neutral orca or bowhead, breaking locks and warp off in your pod before they get a lock.

Or alternatively, bait people in open space, warp in a neutral bowhead when they bite and swap to a direct counter.

I thought this deserved a suspect flag for the assisting ship at least.

Mops up tears.

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Ain’t you one of the older guys around?

OP wants mechanics changed 'cause he got bested by some people. Now he pretends that it’s a major problem that needs to be fixed. It ain’t. You simply ain’t got lucky, so better luck next time.

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Why would ya want to kill off classic bait 'n switch?

Nico Boru: Tears, no ofc, would make you happy ?

z0rberg: No man, to have linked the in-game notifications to your mobile… That’s ok you log-in and defend your station. But fueliing in the middle to be powered It’s too much, pay your bill it is not so much.

So yeah everybody keeps the citas low-powerd to switch them ON in middle of the bashing, nice feature CCP.

( We really don’t mind to fail with the cita operation.
We knew that if the owner was online the operation would be a fail, because we had a bashing fleet not a combat one. )

Knowing the mechanics helps a lot here. Don’t ask for changes to compensate for your own incompetence. Hint: your FC should have called the depot primary the moment it started anchoring. It’s common when you hunt capitals in nullsec. Be happy, you learned a lesson.

The citadel thing is a different beast though.

Too much choice, not enough consequences.

The bait can choose which ship to swap to or it can choose to change to a pod and moon walk out. Or a barge that’s mining can be tackled in a belt but can get out scot free by storing it in a neutral orca before its destroyed.

I realise my suspect flag wouldn’t work though. It would mean that fleet and corp members can turn eachother suspect if someone in the fleet has an engagement and decides troll the orca.

Yeah we didn’t know the mechanics of the depot.

The funny thing is, not so many people know the mechanics. I was once able to moonwalk out of a draw (nobody was able to break the tank of the other) with a depot and stabs refit. The opponent hadn’t depots on his overview.

The mechnics are as follows:

  • drop depot, achoring for one minute
  • de-aggress, takes one minute too (you can’t refit with combat timer)
  • refit once anchored, warp out, call help with cyno, die without fit, whatever
  • the depot is vulnerable during anchoring, so you have one minute to kill the thing
  • if you miss the kill, reinforcement afterwards disables the fitting service

1 : How about no, one minute without fighting is plenty of time to kill, and as said the depot can be shot when anchoring

2 : no idea

I just hear crying over being denied easy KMs. More to fighting than guns.


Ya i see no reason to ■■■■ with that. You gotta consider chances of things happenin’ too, mate.

What’s with all the people whining about mobile depots lately.

RF the depot as soon as it starts to anchor. Problem solved.

Rorqual pilots do this all the time (or at least… they’re supposed to). Soon as they land they should be anchoring a depot to shove their drones into, so that if they lose their rorq they can recover their drones later. The downside here is that it’s already anchored and the drones should be in the MD before the attacking fleet has even landed/cynoed.

The purpose of low power mode is to ensure that structures not being actively maintained can be purged faster. If they’re actually using their structure, they deserve the same window as the rest of us.

Standard fueling yes, but in this case a site is under attack and then it’s being pulled into online mode to give it that extra defense without ever fueling it for the rest of the time.