Citadel Fitting Mechanics (when reinforced/attacked)

I was under the belief that refitting a structure once reinforced into shield was not available. In addition, it was possible before the latest patch for citadel owners to destroy their own rigs, to spite attackers. This was raised by the CSM and highlighted as fixed in the most recent expansion notes. Since the patch however, we have found more and more empty structures dying, which were previously fitted.

Is this working as intended?

I would like to see no refitting of a structure once any damage has been applied, and that mechanic would hold for 15 minutes unless the attack is stopped. Similar to the mechanic that you cannot re-fit a ship in space with an aggression timer. Ultimately a ‘bling’ citadel can be used to fend off the first attack, right up to 1% shield at which point the owner can drag all the modules off and destroy the rigs, making the killmail hull only.

Below you can find an internal scan of an Athanor. From memory the defender was not online during the initial siege, so it would at least appear he has stripped it between the shield timer and hull. Discuss!


Bump, any devs able to provide some feedback?

Anyone from CCP reading this forum?

so long as you can re-fit during the RF timers being able to respond to the enemy should be an option.

ultimately i don’t really see a problem i rather enjoy seeing people getting upset over not getting the little sticker they think they deserved (KM) considering KMs have to be one of the worst things ever added to eve

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I value your opinion. But being able to use a fully fitted structure and take everything off just before it hits reinforced shouldn’t be a thing.

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Why not? It’s a mechanic as old as eve. From ripping plants to self destructing ships in a pos. Pvp doesn’t start and stop with the pew in eve. Deciding to get in one last jab or try to cut your losses is something that should always be a decision. Quite frankly you’re simply not entitled to a km

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The point is refitting during combat has not been an option for a very very long time. Citadels are essentially a static carrier in space, which under current mechanics can refit during combat.

Citadels should not be able to have their fits nor rigs removed unless the shield is at 100%, and no repair timer is running. That is, at least, how it’s supposed to be working. Otherwise, why would anybody let any module die with a citadel… ever?

If you think somebody has managed to do so anyway, report it to a GM and let them sort it out. There could be a bug/exploit that’s being used.

As far as allowing rigs to be removed, I never really cared. Either way they are destroyed, so the attacker always wins. - Unless it’s all about the KB stats, in which case I’d say: stop worrying about the KB stats. It tends to suck all the fun out of the game.


No, re-fitting with a weapons timer has not been possible. Re-fitting during combat is still very much done

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