Give war HQ back their 4,5 days. Changes that render the reasons for older changes no longer valid

I have seen this happen a lot. Here is one example, regardless on how you feel about the topic, just stating facts

March 2020 Patch notes:

“Hull Reinforcement Duration for War Headquarters structures reduced to 24 hours (down from 4.5 days). This is intended to give defenders a realistic chance of taking down the HQ within 7 days.”

So now, that Hull reinforcement is removed on medium structures. Why can’t War HQ get their 4.5 days back? or at least 2 or 3 days. The whole reason they reduced it was so it could be taken within 7 days.

If I understood correctly, that older change was done to make sure it was possible to take down a war HQ in the duration of a war.

The new changes specifically mention war HQs as having their last timer (hull for large, armor for medium) to be 24h.

I do not see how those rules conflict with eachother.

And while I do not participate often in high sec wars, I do not think that war HQs need extended durations between their fights, because as I see it these extended invulnerability periods are meant to give your corporation time to prepare for the next fight after your shield got down in a surprise fight.

With a war HQ there is no surprise when people fight you - after all, you declared war on someone and told them which structure to shoot. So I imagine it shouldn’t be hard to already be prepared for a counter attack.

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Considering most wars only last 7 days, it makes sense as to why ccp has it configured.

It don’t conflict. What I’m saying, is that with the new changes you can take down a war HQ in 7 days even if it had the same timer as non war HQs. With the new changes, there would not be any reason for a reduced HQ timer.

Simply put. They made the change for a reason back i. 2020, with the new changes. The reason stated will no longer be there, so revert.

Yeah but with the new changes. The reduced timer is no longer needed. Why no revert it, if the reason was so you can kill a structure in 7.

Not all war hqs are going to be m structures

we doubled the shield hitpoints of all the medium structures.

An astra has 29.25m ehp

RIOT should be able to afford a fortizar. Just use that as your HQ and quit crying maybe?

Not like these changes are that awful.

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True, but I like to decc Eve Uni on the side once in a while, now the time we get to play together will be greatly reduced. Not fun for us or them LOL.

If a group wants to actually fight then they wont go for the HQ to end the war. If a group doesnt want to fight/be in a long war, then they have a decent chance to end it relatively quick if theyre able to blow up the HQ.

On the flip side, for groups like RIOT, it now forces you to consider spreading out your War HQs as now itll be much easier to ■■■■ you guys over (not a bad thing) with wars if you decide to continue putting all your wars on 1 or 2 structures.


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