Structure Changes

Anyway to fix the way structures calculate the damage cap? It seems a damage cap isn’t calculated correctly when you have just over the cap leading to a longer engagement then it should. Maybe this should have been looked into during the round of structure nerfs?

If you have everyone shoot at the same time a lot of it will be deflected. If they shoot at different intervals the damage won’t be deflected as much eg: 10 tornados all firing at once does to much damage in 1 second vs 10 blaster ships all firing at different times. Stagger your shots or do what we will sometimes do and ungroup guns.

Yup. That is exactly what I’m talking about. If you are just over the cap we split the guns to attempt to have them hit at different times, but just seems like the calculation of what hits and doesn’t hit is just off. It should take 15 minutes to take out structures at the cap but it takes over 20 because of the way the cap is calculated. Maybe they should have looked at this aspect of the structures before they nerfed them so much. It actually makes the structure last longer then it should making it harder for the aggressors to kill.

Depends on the structure to. An astrahus takes 24 min if your hitting the cap, EC and refineries are closer to 15.

Yea. Depending on low and high power and structure or shield, for sure. But you get the point here. These structures should last a certain amount of time if you have the damage cap, but they last longer because of the way that cap is calculated giving sometimes a couple of minutes in an engagement that they shouldn’t actually have. And a few minutes in a 15 minute fight is big. The point and web before the time limits seem to me like less of a problem then the damage cap calculation.

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