Battleship seige weapons

Get T1 battleships siege weapons that require align time, must be stationary to fire, and dropping shields to fire. Penetrates structures invulnerability. Making T1 battleships relevant and structures vulnerable at any time but the T1 battleship is easily killed.

Wow, let’s take away the anti-structure/anti-cap role away from dreads, and make it so that battleships get it instead?
It’s not like baltec fleets, nightmare fleets or raven fleets are ever used right

I am just trying to figure out a way to kill structures in High sec that dreads cant use and these battleships would be easily killed. Really only would be useful against taking out annoying High-sec stacked structures of corps that only have 1 member.

Unless you can get dreads into High sec, Then this idea is dumb but as of right now, My understanding is that doesn’t happen. Also drain cap fully so they cant activate anything while seige weapon is charging to fire.

You are supposed to bring multiple ships.

Nothing is ever meant to pierce invuln. Otherwise your structure gets taken down overnight while you sleep.

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I have to agree with Nevyn. Invulnerability timers are super critical to a persistent universe as it means people can’t destroy all your stuff while you’re sleeping, at work, at a CSM summit :slight_smile:, or whatever. It can be annoying from the perspective of attackers, but without it, they only groups who could have structures would be those large enough to maintain a significant presence in all TZ’s.

Naah. We already shut off asset safety. Let’s shut off structure invulnerability timers, too.

Aren’t 2 Leshak enough to hit small structure (like Astrahus) damage cap?

Yes. Also, a nice good small fleet of ganky autocannon Maelstroms or Machariels or blaster Megas or rail Rokhs would work fine too. Also HACs exist, as do things like support ships and smartbombs, though I honestly cannot say whether you can activate them at all without incurring a crim timer. Either way, MJD command destroyers work too, letting you avoid those Catalysts or Hecates that they send against you.

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