Trebuchet module for dreads to counter void bombs

A bit of useless Roleplay: Can you imagine being a engineer in the game? I would make trillions for inventing the module below.
Not so fast. Of course the patent will be stolen by the angel cartel so that they can continue selling their machariels. And my lab-assistances’ corpses will fill my former workplace. So i better make it public. lol

So i wonder,
with void bombs making most citadel attacks in ships other than capless gunned not interesting. EDIT: there might be a reason for void bombs to exist that i dont know yet. what can be changed without changing the voidbomb?
with the original design of citadels being target of entosis battles, why did they not follow through with that design as they switched it to gunning? - I like gunning way more.
entosis “can” be really interesting. people generally dont understand its “benefits”. i know its perceived and executed worse. but there is a reason for it to be in the game.
So why do dreads and HICs have the assistance impedance? - i like to think that power should come with risk/vulnerability.
One Dread can hit the damage cap of an astrahus. thats ok. lets use this as a reference.

so with all that talk, get to the meat:
add a new module to the game that is like the siege module. - to use dreads as siege weapons just because. (ofc any other ship will be good, but dreads already do this kind of thing)
it has a warmup cycle of 10minutes. - to enable to defender to prepare.
it gives the dread the ability to shoot and lock to 500km. - to be outside of voidbombrange, where fleetbattle is interesting.
ECM and damp immunity. - because 10minutes is long enough.
Vulnerable to tracking disruption. - for the interesting subcap support struggle.
Only one target can be locked. Only Citadels can be locked.
Tracking penalty abyssmal.
Tank bonus as usual.
Should bring a Dread to ca.4000dps with minimal skills. - to hit the damage cap for the smallest structure. so only one dread is needed. for forts etc the skills will play a role.
The ship is a warpable bacon. - because delicious and has something to do with eggs.
Name = "trebuchet"
Only one trebuchet or siege module can be fitted. - duh.

i want to disencourage multiple dreads to anchor just on top each other. - because boring, less explosions, less opportunity for versatility.
so how about: if a dread with active trebuchet module explodes, it canceles all locks of trebuchets in an area of 40km.

if defender is no show, then attacker just 40minutes with one pilot active. no problem there.
if defender show, the objective is: " kill the dreads or disrupt them for 15minutes."
longest time possible: 10min + 15min + 30min = 55min
That is a good time window.

my own objection:
to make this module even remotely worth to use, one may want to add assistance impedance to any ship that attacks a citadel, because machariels will still be the best way to go about it.
But then again, who would want that or even be brave enough to advocate it.

another of objection:
to do this 3 times will still be a pain. the amount of timers and timzonetanking and whatever. i dont like most of it. i feel like 1 timer is just enough because one has so much control to set a window. HOWEVER, this shall not be the topic of this post.

TLDR rtft!

OR just nerf the voidbomb and do a step back.

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This is just for lols. EVE is everything other than medieval.

"the design switched the balance in favor of attack for nearly 200years."


Something something time-to-target delay.

just a quick idea, what if the dread get bumbed backwards each shot and needs to be bumbed back into range from time to time. hilarious mechanic. not serious.