Anti-cap (heavy?) bombers proposal

This proposal has been mentioned before a few times (see this locked thread from last year), but in light of all the nerfs that just got announced at Vegas, I’d like to make a modest proposal for how you can implement the “heavy bomb” that was mentioned as a possible anti-cap weapon.

This was in discussion with another player, but I think the general idea is similar to a weapon I mentioned on the old forum about tech-3 weapons many years ago, and which ultimately derives from a similar weapon that was in Homeworld:Cataclysm.

It works like this:
A t2 version of attack BCs (so, Oracle, Naga, Tornado, etc.) has two highslots. One has a cloak, the other has the anti-cap weapon. It has several features:

  1. the weapon has a siege cycle of some length, say 2 minutes
  2. you cannot siege within 10k km (or some similar large number) of anything, so you have to be close to off-grid. But you probably want to be off-grid entirely, because you are squishy.
  3. the weapon lands at the end of the siege cycle, but does large AoE damage affecting mostly caps and supers. There is a lengthy cooldown before you can fire again.
  4. to land the shot, you need a spotter on-grid using something like an entosis link on the target: it has a short warmup, and then it “paints” the target. While your cycle is running, you can move, but can’t warp.
  5. if the first target lock goes down, the shot lands on any other similarly locked target (so you can use multiple ships to maintain lock)
  6. during the siege cycle, you can be probed down, and you’re squishy, so opposing forces have a chance to probe you down, find you, and kill you before you fire.



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