Heavy Bomber

Tech II Tier 2 or 3 Battlecruisers
(ie harbinger oracle)
Capital torpedo launcher, one slot only (no cruise or rapid).
Similar traits of bombers relative to their tech I variants. Low align time, covert cloak, mediocre ehp and survivability. Can fit two bomb launchers. No bonus to application and no drone bay. Bonus to missile flight time and slight penalty to missile velocity. Very few turret hardpoints without bonus. Blueprint materials slightly lower than command ships. Will deal 5k dps with maxed skills, only applying to capital ships.

Overpowered? Useless? Unnecessary? You love it? Let me know what you think.

Given the sheer volume of XL guns (1k m3 as opposed to like 20m3 for a large turret) it’d need to go on a battleship.

That said 5 of these per bombing wave would shred all the things.

Not saying I like the idea as a whole, but it’d be more balanced if you gave it 3 high slots, 2 launcher hardpoints, and the needed bonuses to fit XL torp launchers.

Then it’s a heavy bomber, and although it would completely replace bombers for 99% of bombing runs, it wouldn’t completely invalidate them.

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Of course… the big question is what role this fills.

These will be less effective against capitals than battleships on account of their poor mobility and survivability.

The thing is it would be very hard to aim their bombs compared to a normal bomber. However maybe add a bomb velocity penalty and flight time bonus to make them even less pinpoint.

The ships would have mediocre ehp, not none at all and would still perform as a semi BC when flying tanky. Also they can black ops jump because of the covert cloak. They would fill the role of a real black ops anti capital force. Black ops Battleship dps just doesn’t cut it unless you have waaaay too many people.

Also I want to stick to battlecruisers because if you made them tech ii battleships their purpose would not be justified by their price. And imagine how sick an XL torpedo bay would look on a bc!

Ship models would be modified just like kestrel vs manticore to accommodate the massive weapons.

For typical bombing runs stealth bombers will remain the weapon of choice due to their next to nothing cost and maneuverability. Maybe instead of two bomb launchers the heavy bomber can drop a sort of heavier bomb that does less damage to subcaps and more to caps. That or a shrapnel kind of bomb that does more to drones and fighters.

Just spit balling here.

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normal bombers are already effective against caps with focused void (you know if ccp would fix the 3200 issue)

It would be much better just to add more focused style bombs. However damage bombs would need to perhaps have some sort of modified fall off. Where the do a lot of damage at the point of impact but do only enough damage I a sphere around them that they would destroy bombs if to many were fired. Without this they would simple be broken

Every cap has 3200s. The point of the heavy bombers would be to destroy a cap and vacate before help can arrive. Bombers can do this in very large numbers but it takes soooo many people. Just trying to make it less safe for them.

I’m not sure what your point is. I never said 3200 are only on some caps?

Yes my idea also both lets you kill caps fast while removes the need to add another ship in need of balancing and with a built in balancing factor to keep them from breaking

Well I mean the thread is about the heavy bomber not changes to our stealth bombers. Also more ships more fun.

Yes and my point in referance to this thread is that there is a better way to accomplish the goal.

Even battleships could barely fit an XL launcher, battle cruisers would look ridiculous. I’m not against it, I’m just saying. While it is common in sci-fi to build a ship arould a weapon (this is how you “equip” a mass driver) EVE doesn’t really go this way. Not to mention the fitting requirement reduction that would be necessary is insane.
So instead of XL launchers, how about giving it cruise missile launchers with fitting reduction that makes much more sense, and the additional hull bonuses would include damage bonus and inertia penalty that would basically turn the cruise missiles into XL cruise missiles or XL torpedoes?

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This game could do with some new cap killing weaponry. Very focused on cap killing, almost useless for other things.

Ccps idea about battleship bow weapons was much more interesting

Link meeeee

It was either last ff or last eve vagas iirc

It was Fozi talking about it. Nothing more than an “idea” but i have hope. I think it was talking about interesting ways to bring t1 BBs into a more useful role.

This is mainly why I am against.

Also if covert fleets get a new ship, IMHO it should be a logi.

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Definitely. Another T2 cruiser, methinks, dedicated logi platforms, basically a logistics cruiser with ■■■■ tank. T3s do it now, though, so… not a huge issue on that front.

They would not even have to think hard, there are those two special ships that are covert logi, no has one of course…

Alright how about if they just have no bombs at all and just the huge cap dps? Then normal bombers would still be present and needed for void bombs.