[Proposal] Make Stealth Bombers Great Again

Give stealth bombers back the 4th missile launcher. It is a needed change due to the current capital proliferation in the game . When the 4th missile launcher was removed times were different, but now would make sense to have it back.

Bohooo Capitals

I actually like the sound of this, I mean bombers in large numbers are still effective however with the ECM nerf I think +1 launcher would tip the scales back a bit.

Don’t forget to ask for a slight powergrid and cpu increase, so you can fit them and maybe a slightly larger cargo hold for more torpedoes.

can the virtuoso also have it’s third missile hardpoint back?

This would very broadly affect their balance against a lot more than just capitals.

Bombers apply damage very well against virtually everything. Adding 33% more dps to bombers would make covert hot drops insanely OP, not to mention further degrade the value of Blops battleships.

If you want more anti-capital tools for bombers, ask for capital class focused DPS bombs. They can be rigged to have absolutely shitty application to anything smaller than a capital, so they don’t affect balance, whilst giving you the tools that you really don’t need anyways (bombers do just fine against capitals, especially with rage torps) to kill capitals faster.

But as I said… supported bombers have no issue at all killing caps.

You might want to reconsider this.

I think somebody actually proposed something like this not so long ago on reddit. Odds are it might have been proposed here as well.
Personally i favour this idea too.

You probably already know , if not you might be surprised to know that this wasn’t something to worry that much about when the 4th launcher was removed from them . Main reason was that people were using them too often to farm FW LP …

Considered it again, and nope, still true. Bomber torps apply very well to anything destroyer sized and up in most cases (which certainly accounts for a large majority of the hulls you’ll run into). They certainly won’t apply their full damage, but relative to the tank of the ships, they are remarkably effective. They get a 50% explosion velocity bonus.

Combined with their cloak and the ability to bridge them, they’re 100% able to choose which targets to engage. They’d never engage frigate gangs, they’d just cloak and wait them out.

I’ve said it a few times in PF&I threads as well. And I’m 100% in support of more focused bombs with explosion radius balancing to keep them from nuking subcaps.

Particularly because bombing runs require more skill (still not much, but more), and partially because subcap support will brutalize bombers if they try to hold grid and DPS.

Then != Now… I’d be far more concerned with their damage increase from a PVP perspective. These days FW LP isn’t the real money maker, super ratting is. If they’re gonna put the time/effort in, they’ll make more super ratting in a renter corp.

Now you have corrected yourself. If they had the speed to keep up with frigate sized hulls and webs + painters + rigor rigs they could apply very well even to those . Of course it wouldn’t be
such a practical scenario (reason why we see Jackdaws for example in Goku fleets) , most of the times you just try to bomb them if you find yourself in bombers against frigates or destroyer sized hulls anyway.

I’m not about to go and count the number of hulls in the game, but “virtually everything” remains a valid statement. Frigates are a small portion of the hulls that can be chosen, and as you very correctly say, mid slots can be used to improve application against even them.

There are of course counters to them, you don’t even need jackdaws (which are a good counter, yes)… you can beat them with corms. And then it doesn’t even matter if they’re trading kills with you because your entire fleet of 5 mil isk ships are paid for after you kill 3-4 of theirs.

My point is that when you hot drop on someone, those counters aren’t there. By amping up their torp DPS, you give those response fleets even less time to react. By amping up their torp DPS, you take black ops battleships and further reduce their value to a fleet.

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Unfortunately black ops battleships are in a dire need of a review , from the point of view of cost/efficiency paired with the recently ECM changes.


Yes, a thousand times yes. They’re weak as it is, and honestly, I’ve always felt the niche of seal clubbing is far too narrow anyways.

Honestly, I want them to get some kind of bonus that helps them fight capitals. It addresses the elephant in the room, it makes them a meaningful hull to bring to a fight, and it just feels natural (battleships in general should be the subcap counter to capitals imo - in many ways they are already, but it could still be better).

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Stealth bombers are still pretty great. Don’t know if adding another launcher is going to make that much of a difference, though.

BLOPs definitely need a balance pass and I’ve been pushing that.

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