Bomber balancing

Dear CCP.

That will be great to balance a little the bomber.

When you have add the bomber. This ship must be one anti capital ship. But right now it’s anti all.

Right now the bomber is to much power full against every ship.

For me we need to :

Remove bonus +10 % explosion Radius / level
Put malus -25 % on the ship on the explosion radius.

These modification don’t change nothing for damage on capital or BS. But change a lot for fregate mwd or cruiser afterburner.


Why do we need this change?


No ?

Bombers are good the way they are. Alone, they’ll have troubles dealing with battleships, since they have enough buffer to actually lock the bomber and send drones after it (which are a bomber’s nightmare).

And to be honest, bomber vs any frigate in the game (except exploration or logistic, maybe), and in almost all cases the frigate will easily win. Simply because a frigate have weapon systems that apply fully to a bomber (remember, they have bigger sig radius than regular frigates), while the torpedoes will struggle to reliably hit the frigate, and the bomber lack of HP will quickly send it the the grave.

If you want to take less damage from torpedoes, don’t turn on the module that blooms your sig radius by 500%.

There’s nothing to change here ^^"


IMO a better modification would be to recall the probes when cloaked and make any probe launcher relaod at the same time (so it can’t launch the probes again ).
So that cloaked ships need another ship to probe their target - which can be hunted.

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“Bomber needs balancing”
With faction torps + t2 launchers + 2 TP’s + mwd point + 3 BA’s (with CPU rigs) a bomber has like 120 dps and 2000k ehp against a frigate that is sitting still. Also they’re slow AF

If you want to MWD towards a bomber, use an interceptor.

because capitals need to die a lot more, and bombers should be even stronger then they are.
I miss the old days of 500+km cruise snipes on bombers. So fun

Ever since the swap to torps they’ve been meh

It’d be nice to have a new t3 version of bombers that is cruiser class.

So you haven’t read the OP’s post.

OP’s change wouldn’t impact the strength of bombers. He is proposing a change that purports to keep the bombers the same as they are against larger ships, while reducing their effectiveness against smaller ships.

So no only did you not read, you’re coming in and just spewing off topic personal ideas. Go start your own thread if you want to talk about nonsense.

I can kill bomber with any exploration t1 hull. So it is bad enough. No changes need. Maybe Ccp should boost some bombs a little. Add some switchable timer to a bomb.

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When you have about 5 bombers with target painter. Every ship with sig radius higher then 100 take all damage.

Initially. the bomber was anti capital with torpedo and anti sub cap with the bomb. Right now it’s clearly too powerful with the torpedo against small ship.

It’s for that, if we make a balance on the explosion radius, we decrease the efficient of the bomber against small sub capital, but the efficient stay the same on bs or capital.

The bomber is not broken. The bomber + covert cynos + blackout is broken.

So rebalance the covert cyno and revisit the blackout, or nerf the f out of bombers.

When you have 5 assault frigates, your exploration helios also melts within seconds. If you want a cloaky option, 5 cloaky asteros will wipe your helios off the face of the earth instantly too.

Covert ops are just front stage right now with the blackout, you have 0 idea they are there right now. Which frankly is how it should be, you don’t get a push notification if there’s a special forces team in your area IRL like you do in the form of local.

Take precautions where possible and prepare for the worst elsewhere

Sexy single hot droppers in your area

Bombers are weak as piss to anything that can hit them. Which includes every subcap smaller than a battleship, and anything with light/medium drones. They can’t hit anything cruiser or smaller worth a ■■■■. You want to kill bombers? Quit your bitching and get in a frigate, they can’t hit you, at all. Unless you are sitting still with your prop on.

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