Ammunition Cargo on Bombers

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Hey, just a little “Show me your Opinions” thread.

I have a problem with bomber because a T2 Bomb launcher can fit 4 Bombs but your Cargo (On a manticore idk about the rest) 3x I think this is realy anoying… idk maybe its just a little obsessive-compulsive disorder but its anoyes me alot… This also prevent from taking 2 dif bomb types.

If you want to change from the 4 in your launcher to the 3 in your cargo you have to launch one first to get the space.

On the other hand, i think rais the Cargo m² isnt the right chois but what is about a Ammunition cargo extra for Bombs or for Bombs and Torps?

i would be fine if the normal cargo gets lower for that… Idk what other people transport with their bomber but the most stuff is Probes, scripts and ammo.`

Give me your Opinions pls and maybe CCP can get comftable with that idea.

(Marika Sunji) #2

First off, you cannot lower the cargo space because it’ll break ships in space. Like, seriously break. Bad things will happen.
Secondly, it would have the potential of being a massive buff to bombers (which I could get behind) since most bombing bombers are t1 fit and thus take 3 bombs in cargo and 2 in launcher. Increasing the size via ammo bay would allow for 1-2 bombruns more, which is sometimes critical.

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@Marika_Sunji… the DEVs can reduce a ship’s cargo space. Yes, bad things do happen if the cargoload is greater than the cargo size… but that is not to say it can’t or won’t happen.

That said… your second point is correct and relevant. Cargo size is a balancing parameter and the Stealth Bomber’s cargo size is what it is to force players to make tradeoffs.

Plus, historically the DEVs tend not to give a straight buff to anything. There will be tradeoffs somewhere else.
In this particular case, I could see the DEV’s reducing the size of the regular cargo by a large margin to create the new “Ammo hold.”

This would, in the long run, reduce flexibility for people as the “Ammo hold” would only be able to hold ammo. No loot. No Mobile Depot. Nothing.

This is a case (in my opinion) where It is better to keep things more “generalized” and up to the player rather than “pigeonholing” things to be super specific.

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To have bombers have a seperate ammo bay is to much the cargo on a bomber right now is more then enough!
If your Cloaky team is well organised they have trucks cloaked up with bombs/fuel to supply your fleet. :face_with_monocle:

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Im sorry for answearing so late i had stuff to do^^


But i think the reason is that T2 Bombers are just irrelevant becouse of that Holding capacitys ^^

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Tech 2 Bomb Launchers get used relatively infrequently because they are only worth it if the whole fleet has them; what matters is the number of times the whole fleet can do a bombing run, not how many times one individual can do so.

That’s not a problem you are going to solve with increasing the Bombers capacity to hold bombs, no matter how you do that.

The limit on the number of bombs carried is part of the essential balance of the stealth bomber; it requires organisation (& a bomb truck) to get additional bomb runs.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #7

Nope all that will happen is they will not be able to warp until they jet their cargo down to the new limit

(Cade Windstalker) #8

I believe they’re referencing the recent dev post on the topic of rebalancing various ship cargohold sizes, where the devs flat out said that they were going to take a very slow and very incremental approach to any buffs since they wanted to avoid lowering the cargo of ships in space at all costs.

Easiest way to let the ships carry more bombs without buffing cargo capacity or adding an ammo bay would be to simply reduce the size of the bombs along with the launcher’s capacity. Presto, more bombs in cargo and no messy cargo capacity issues.

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