Dividing Cargo Space

Quite simple idea. Basically dividing the cargo space into the “loot” and “private” areas. As one is filled the capacity of the other is reduced. The point is for peeps that do missions or other such activities and have their module, ammo, MTU, etc stash that always has to be divided from the loot received. Or like me who flys Amarr battleships and start dividing up stacks of crystals.

By doing so hopefully will save a little time with such activities.

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So basically have a “priority hangar” carrying the stuff you need to do whatever activity you’re doing (paste, booster charges, ammo, drugs, etc.) and making it so that looting diverts incoming items to the secondary, general use hangar…I don’t hate it.

Or perhaps a way to designate certain items as priority viewing and then introduce a filter that removes from visibility all items you haven’t tagged.

Basically a folder system to allow you to organize stuff. YES!

Filters would give you this.

Sounds like a cool idea if it would be easy to implement. It would make Jita runs for Corp mates a lot easier.

You can put assembled containers in your ship’s cargo bay. Secure containers are bigger on the inside than on the outside - they will hold 20%-30% more cargo than the space they take up in the hold. You won’t get dynamic repartitioning with this solution but , I use Giant Secure Containers to boost the cargo capacity of my Blockade Runners by 30% - it works and requires no development effort.

I’ve never used them, but can you access items directly from the container while in space? Like boosters and the like?


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The problem with containers in your cargohold is that you then can’t contract the ship to another alt.

Pretty sure that doesnt matter or impact a ship’s ability to be in a contract at all.

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