Hull Module Hold

I run a lot of missions and get fed up with mission modules being lost amongst loot items and constantly having to weed through loot to put modules and scripts back in my ship.

I propose a small hold be granted to each ship, similar to the Fleet Hanger on certain hulls, that allows modules and scripts to be segregated from loot and other cargo contents. This hold should be scannable and of an appropriate size to facilitate those items. Perhaps to be titled ‘Fitting Hanger’ or '‘Module Hanger’ - whatever.

That’s the request. Thanks.

interesting idea but perhaps it would be easier to add a new type of mark to quest items to make them more distinguishable?
perhaps an option in the “My Filters” section for “Quest Items”

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You can put secure containers into a ship cargo and it will work as a “folder” in cargo bay. No idea what other containers also work that way.


I achieve this just fine with containers and filters.

You should also consider blitzing missions, which involves only looting ships/structures that have a chance of dropping good loot, while ignoring all the stuff that only drops generic mission loot.

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This is what Small Kitty Paws was talking about. I wouldn’t mind having the ability to create storage partitions, but for the time being, containers work.

A side benefit of using the containers, is you technically get more total storage space available to you since they have more space inside them than they take up in the main hold.


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