Ammo Bay and Script magazines

Our small corp of nul bears has been doing extensive research into ship design in New Eden and we have concluded our preliminary findings.

In order to excite customer sentiment and drive sales THROUGH THE ROOF!, naval architects from all Empires ought to focus on providing end users with:

  1. Ammunition and ordinance bays. A simple reallocation of hold space, akin to fuel bays, with automated loading capabilities once paired with a station container.

  2. Magazine fed Electronic warfare modules that swap scripts from an internal store. FFS. I mean, right? What is with all the ticker tape on the loading bay floor? It is messy, it what it is. And how you get rats.

  3. Manbag for consumables. Every Shaman worth his mushrooms needs a dignified way to keep his stash in order.

There it is. A great opportunity for designers and customers. Could even be a new electronic warfare skill in the thing: “Script Architecture Programing”. Level 1 allows 2 scripts, level 3 allows 3 scripts, level 5 allows tch 2 scripts. SAP. It’s nerd gold, I tellls ya.


My cargo hold has never had a problem. Perhaps you are using yours incorrectly.

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Yes, I use my cargo bay incorrectly. And slowly. That is why I would love a ship designer who helped me out with that.

If your cargo hold is for cargo, it becomes much easier to “select all” when dumping or looting. You don’t throw your scripts or faction ammo in the recycling bin by mistake.

Having a standard sized ammo bay with automated loading would also make it quicker and easier to fit fleets and standard dueling fits.

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You need to take things slower,think smaller for example you need to achieve what this gaming community failed to do for decade and some change is to make them change T2 DMG crystal icon…ICON…,to have it own one.

I will be patient on this one and give you five years to do that if you manage to do that il stand behind your idea of cargo holds and give it another ten years to become reality.

Remember small steps.

Would you enjoy all combat ships having 50 m3 of cargo, with their current cargo bay size being converted to ammo bay? After all they’re combat ships not transport ships.

How would you classify booster charges, which bay would they go into? Mobile depots? Deployable bubbles? Ozone (for cyno’s)?

Would you be OK with Amarr ships having limitations on how many crystals they can carry? After all, the other ships are limited on how much ammo they can carry, and with a separate ammo bay, CCP can now implement a “too small to carry everything” bay for Amarr ships without being restricted in their decision by the need to provide cargo space to these ships.

For starters, wrong section of the forums…

And I for one would find it more “realistic” as far as space genre go that a Combat ship should be restricted on space for a cargo bay, they are not transport ships, and in EvE capsuleer vessels have limited to no crew that requires consumables.

Where do you get that notion? We have crew.

Titans are flying cities.

As for the cargo bays, our ships are modular in nature which is why my Kestrel could be fit for a speed long range missile fit or a close range rocket brawler. If I want, it could be a frigate size hauler. Our cargo bays are similar. Some sections can be configures for ammo, others for loot. Now in some cases, ships have extra specific holds but most do not.

If you have trouble managing your cargo hold, I worry how you will be able to manage the slow accumulation or random junk that every player acquires. What will happen when you have items scatteres over many stations in all of new Eden?

Uhm, yep i get that, i DID say limited, and 1 or 2 frigates dont have room or need for crew though.

Yeah so is the crew serve position when it comes to weapons on a HMWWV, but the trunk(cargo) area remains the same…hint: it isnt modular.

Keep your troll ■■■■ to yourself.

I don’t think this is as necessary as just opening your cargo and doing whatever you need to do. Also why would we change anything about how scripts are loaded and used? They don’t weight anything, you can switch them instantly, I’m confused how any of this became a problem to be fixed.

It became a problem because he ctrl-a’d to select everything in his ship cargo to move to his station hangar, and moved his ammo too which was a big inconvenience to him. Probably because he didn’t realize it until he tried to reload in the middle of the next mission fight he was involved in. In any case, the details don’t matter, but clearly the solution is to completely revamp the game, rather than L2P.


What’s trolling about talking about self responsibility?

Nothing she said was trolling. What’s wrong with you?

Ammo bay? More automated than it already is when the guns are loaded at Station? Rats? Shamans? Psycho Mantis?


Completely revamping the game?

Look, it wasn’t my intention to ruin everyone’s game play by making the moving and ordering of ammunition and scripts less intrusive. I genuinely didn’t realize this activity was a big part of the experience for folks.

The thing is, Sensor Boosters have gone from being an obscure module to being a really interesting and useful module, since they now take multiple scripts. Changing from fast lock to great range to ECCM in one module is a brilliant idea. Best thing to happen to mid slots since officer MWDS.

So I think having a magazine to feed those scripts is the natural progression. It’s neat, it’s clean. It frees up capsuleer time so they can go talk about war for profit with capsuleer children.

We also need script fed webs. One script to increase range 30%, one to increase effectiveness 30%.

And points. Script all the mid slot things, I say, but give us script magazines too!

So… You want something that is pretty much the same but keeps you from facepalming yourself when you forget to do One Task that takes up a second if you prepared for it? I honestly don’t get the “magazine”, if you are implying these things should have both types in there, hell no, they are fine as they are, individual and recognisable, as well as giving more interaction with the ship rather than staring at it while it shoots.

What’s next, one huge rechargeable battery to feed the cap boosters when you forget to grab more of them? Oh look, these things have an insane amount of cargo space, and they just so happen to be in the “We need a proper bay” category according to your justification for Ammo and Scripts.

No. Part of ship customisation is what you bring with you, and in order to have these additional bays we would be sacrificing Cargo hold for them, and I for one would not enjoy running transport missions in a hauler.

Oh look, Haulers do have the ability to have guns! Does that mean they need to sacrifice their precious cargo hold for some ammo bay?

By the way

They’re called Containers. You can set them up in your ship, they’re not just to look pretty in the station if that’s your concern.

Now that I think of it there was a guy doing pvp videos that had two containers in the ship, he reserved a bit of the original bay for ammo and the containers were mainly for loot if memory doesn’t fail me. So your idea pretty much already exists, you just need to stop being lazy.

I will not stop being lazy. It is the postman of invention.

When were sensor boosters ever obscure?

I’m creative, but not lazy. While Bill Gates sure isn’t wrong by looking for lazy people, as they might rather look for ways of automating their work… it’s about work. this here is different, as it’s not work.

I was against the passive dcu for the same reason i’m against anything some people questionably want to be automated: when you ■■■■ things up, it’s your fault. when you lack the awareness needed to do a simple thing, the game should punish you until you improved, instead of helping you stay inferior. same goes for people who forgot the distribution mission’s cargo. the inferior cried about being continuously reminded of their inferiority, instead of engaging their brain properly. and now we have warnings that tell you to pick up the cargo, so you don’t need to use your brain.

What’s really being automated is stupidity.

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These things and/or ways of achieving these already exist.

This is purposeless.

Please, more about your qualities.

But lookit, you were against the passive DCU?

That makes you a reactionary, neut fiend and anti hull tanker.

A creative, reactionary, anti-hull tanking neut fiend. That’s what you are, buddy.

Anyway, we will get magazine fed scripts because history only moves in one direction, and I have had a vision of the future. I swear I did.

You’re right, back in the past men had a layer of steel, a trusty sword and buffed muscles, now we got a layer of fat, a trusty remote and buffed couches. Back in the past it required armies of men to conquer something, now all it takes is one push of a button to destroy every single thing.

If anything Invention, asides the field of healthcare, ruined mankind entirely, as well as damage the very planet we live on.