Drag and drop. Need your brains

So just came back to the game and looked at the new ship spin interface. And re acquainted myself with it.

Got the itch to see what they did with the stars, planets and such, so I start getting a ship ready. It was already outfitted but DID NOT have ammo. No sweat, I dropped some on the guns and then went to drag and drop some into cargo.

This is where the issue is. The cargo hold( no not the drone bay) would not accept ammo OR paste.
I was just trying to drag ammo from my assets to the cargo hold and it wouldn’t take even ONE round of ammo.

Sooo what’s the trick? Or am I borked already ??

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You arent Simulated by any chance?

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Ungroup weapons maybe that was it.

Open up the cargohold and if there’s room just drop the items in it manually.

Yes sir. And not to look silly … I mean all I did was click hold drag and unclick

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Did you train drag and drop to level 5?

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Simply say what error message says.

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