Command Bombers

So, i was just having a brainstorm just now and seeing as we have citadels with heavy bombs i think it might be time to consider some sort of “Command Bomber”

edit to clarify some confusion, this is considered a “heavy” hull so it would be cruiser or larger

Now, rather than just simply scaling up bombers to be even better at killing things i was thinking of actually combining ships and stealing an idea from titans, i mean, the last time i did this we ended up with BLOPs, you’re welcome by the way not that CCP will ever give me credit for it but i’m sure if they looked in certain forums from a forum backup of the OG forums they would see it :stuck_out_tongue:

So, my idea is to combine, Command destroyers and bombers while adding in a dash of titan, admit it i grabbed your attention there

So, here’s the basic premise, you take the covert clock and ability to fit a few torp launchers from the bombers, you take the ability to fit gang links and the ability to fit jump field generators and you throw in to the mix a heavy bomb launcher able to fire new heavy bombs which create short lived version of what the titan phenomena generators do but you could make the effects more specific to more covert operations, maybe strip out the resist bonus/penalty and focus more on things like signature radius and speed effects, you could even make this a triglavian exclusive ship and have it generate baby versions of the weather effects seen in abyssal deadspace

This lets you generate more interest in abyssal deadspace while adding to the uniqueness of the triglavians who would have created technology like this instead of the traditional bombers the empire factions made, maybe even add in new triglavian torpedos that use the spool up mechanic or which could deal bonus damage/effects if they hit a ship inside the spatial phenomena generated by its heavy bomb launcher to make it less useful on its own as a solo pwn mobile and makes it not just a bigger bomber

Yes you’re welcome to this idea just like the BLOPs one CCP


I like it!


So you want a destroyer class ship that can fit command modules, torps and bombs, and jump?

lol, hell no!


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We have command destroyers already and they’re being used in very awesome ways already your idea is redundant and not needed

Where did i mention it would be a destroyer hull? :stuck_out_tongue:

Its going to be cruiser or larger, its not actually going to have more damage than a normal bomber but its going to provide the benefits of a command destroyer while having unique bombs that modify the battlefield similar to titans, the MJFG on the command bomber doesn’t need to be long ranged like the command destroyer, infact you’re doing the reverse, a larger AoE of ships moved a shorter distance, think 20-30km jump distance, enough to position for bombing runs or to be able to move ships in to weapons range from a slight distance, we’re not talking 100km jumps on this thing, its all about controlling the local area of a fight, you would stick this on either a cruiser or potentially BC class hull because these new bombs would be classed as “heavy” bombs on account of them actually generating effects rather than just exploding for damage

Well thats an opinion and you are entitled to it, but do feel free to explain “why” it isn’t needed, i mean, we had titans we didn’t “need” black ops ships, yes we have command destroyers but they are neither covert nor covert bridgeable, yes we do have gang links which can be bridged in the form of T3’s but in that instance they are mostly just used as logi rather than something has an impact on the battlefield

And as i’ve now mentioned above these ships would fill different requirements in regards to their MJFG’s with the command bombers being more about short range hops compared to 100km hops on the current command destroyers

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It doesn’t matter, combining all those roles is bad.

This is like someone who wants to roam small gang, solo.

No, make friends.

Not too mention to fit all those modules the ship would need tons of power and cpu, it would be abused in emergent ways!

As i already stated, you wouldn’t be running a small gang solo, these won’t be solo pwn mobiles, as i literally stated, any damage they did have would be reliant on extended engagements and the target being sat inside the phenomena generated by their heavy bombs, so i mean good luck managing to solo hold a guy in there long enough for your ship to end up doing the same damage as a bomber already does, you’re not going to just warp in on someone and beat them with this sort of ship, its a support ship

Saying it isn’t so doesn’t make it true.

It kind of does, i never said it would be a destroyer, you incorrectly “assumed” it was and dismissed it based on incorrect assumptions, i mean did you actually read the entire thing or did you embrace 2019 good and proper and just stop at the word destroyer to immediately assume you knew what i was going to suggest, i mean not reading the whole thing is pretty common these days it would seem, people do the same with everything, the real trick is making it through to the end before jumping the gun

It doesn’t matter, for anything sub cap it is too many roles.

Based on what exactly?

Strictly speaking its only actually 1 “role”, fleet support, the only covert links that currently exist are on T3C’s and even then they actually end up performing multiple roles by providing probes, gang links and remote reps, so if my ship has “too many roles” so does a T3C, and those made it in to the game just fine, also last i checked those were sub cap aswell so if we live in a universe where those can exist i don’t see a reason we can’t have a fleet support ship that can put up smaller versions of the titan phenomena generators, i’m not even remotely suggesting that this thing be able to do “tons of damage” and specifically stated you could make it triglavian with unique torps that interact with the AoE its heavy bombs generated, but again that would require you to have read the whole post instead of getting to the 3rd paragraph and immediately crying that its overloaded

Several of its roles play counter to eachother or are so powerful together that they would make other classes redundant for most of their jobs. Putting links on a ship that forgoes defense for bombs and a cloak seems like a bad idea practically. And on the other end given how much every fight with more than 50 people devolves into trying to get a jump dessi under the other side and stopping the other side’s jump dessis it would be an extremely bad idea to add cloaks to that situation.

If its job is to throw down a spacial effect and kick a ratter in the teeth people would get behind that, but even then it may well be stuck with a blops or endurance cloak.

I think the Command Bomber should be able to use its Warp Field Generator and drag a fleet of ships into the explosion point of an incoming bomb. The Command Bomber would have bonuses for bomb detonation damage and range as well as being able to withstand a single bomb attack as a result of using the drag bubble to drag the fleet to the impact point.

Considering it won’t have any damage bombs i didn’t see it as a major concern, T3C’s can already forgo defences in favour of a cloak and links, if i were suggesting they got massive damage bombs then i would agree with you entirely :slight_smile:

The issue is then it becomes unbridgable, so at that point for bomber fleets, which would likely be its main use, yes i’m biased i fly with bombers bar from time to time, it would either need its own jump drive, which would likely cause a lot of issues on its own unless you were to basically neuter its cargo and give it a fuel, bomb and “gang link” bay which would prevent it from being used as some sort of transport ship, or it would need a cov ops cloak to be able to take the bridge, being as it would be a cruiser or larger hull in the first place i think its less likely to be as much of an issue as a small super agile command dessie, it would be a lot faster to lock and scram and as i mentioned in a follow up post its MJFG would have less range than CD but be able to move a wider AoE of ships so it would be less useful in terms of disruption than the current 100km range on the normal CD’s

Either way i appreciate the feedback as you did clearly read the idea :slight_smile:

Thats pretty much something the normal command destroyers can do, ideally i don’t just want a “fatter” CD as just making bigger versions of a ship gets pretty boring, hence the unique take on it by giving it some actual battlefield manipulation, i mean you “could” do what you propose with this ship anyway although making it able to make bombs do even more damage seems like it might end up being used for just that rather than as actual fleet support, and a single “bomb” attack is generally a wing of 9 bombers and being able to tank that would seem a little silly, tanking a single bomb doesn’t really take much if you know the damage type being used but wouldn’t actually kill a lot anyway

I mean in theory if this were to be a BC sized hull you could in theory combine its MJFG with a traditional MJD to basically result in your ship pulling a bunch of ships to point A while a second later jumping itself to point B to avoid the bombs, the timing involved would make it complicated to do but i have no doubt groups could manage it, the downside again being its not really worth adding a new “class” of ship just to pull off that one trick

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Perhaps the Command Bomber would be best used to increase the torpedo range and torpedo velocity of the Stealth Bombers along with having the ability to use the drag bubble to drag a flight of bombers away after they have dropped their bombs.

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