Cloaky Command Ship

(Nomistrav) #1

Probably a horrible idea that will get flamed, but to hell with it - let’s roll the dice.

Thinking of a class of Command Ships based on the T3 Battlecruisers (Talos/Naga/etc) that specializes in cloaky-gangs. Provide warfare link bonuses with a full rack of bonuses (unlike the T3, which can cloak and provide reduced bonuses) WHILE CLOAKED, but at the expense of reduced range of those links. This forces the fleet to fly closer together and thereby increases risk of detection. Also makes it hard to maintain links as a cloaked ship near non-cloaked friendlies who can and will decloak you, so no worries of Off-Grid Boosting 2.0

Obviously it’d have less defense/offense as other command ships because of increased slipperiness.

Could even go so far as to make some cloaky-command-specific links for all you Stealth Bombers out there. Could I fancy you in some increased bomb explosion radius, sirs? Or maybe a link that reduces decloak range?

Anyway, get creative. Break it, make it - whatever. Just think it’s an interesting foundation for a ship role that hasn’t really been touched on.

(Hector Riley) #2

Interesting. Maybe a link that increases warp speed/acceleration while cloaked so it’s only useful for covops cloaky ships.

(Scipio Artelius) #3

Provide command boosts while cloaked?

No thanks. Would just become a new mandatory ship for everyone, from ‘solo’ pvpers up.

The change in links to bring them on grid has made the solo/small gang pvp much better. Don’t want to go back to the old days of mandatory links.

(Daichi Yamato) #4

Why, aside from breaking boosts again, would you want something that can boost whilst cloaked?

(Rain6637) #5

have cloaked ships decloak each other and tadaaa balance

(Odinegras) #6

This is i admit overpowered but id have thought this would have been some of the innervation they would have add to the t3c changes. To differentiate them from hacs and bc, the only real difference t3cs will have is the covert cloak.

(Elmund Egivand) #7

Tech III cruisers can decloak, provide command burst, get about 10km away from everyone, recloak and bugger right off. That’s powerful enough. There is no need to make that even more ridiculous.

(Sonya Corvinus) #8

Why is this needed?

(Rain6637) #9

Is there a cloaky booster ship besides T3? Maybe a cloaky command ship could be limited to maybe two command bursts and have a bit more mass to make them a hard choice for bridging.

(Petrified) #10

I like the idea of a T2 BC that would be coverts op capable, but there are too many ways that could be abused if it can trigger boosts while cloaked.

(Dior Ambraelle) #11

If we ever get a cloaky BC command ship, that should belong to SOE.