Burst Cloaking Device

New cloaking device with a cooldown.

-Cannot be activated within 25km of a stargate.
-Can only be used in warp, not during alignment but actual warp tunnel.
-2-4 minute cooldown depending on skill.
-30 second max duration depending on skill, can be deactivated early
-Can warp while cloaked
-Warp speed and deceleration bonus while active
-No scan res, speed or targeting delay penalty
-Scan res bonus for five seconds after decloak
-Signature radius bloom for five seconds after decloak
-Cannot be uncloaked by collidables
-Unavailable for capital ships
-Can be decloaked by entities
-Can be fit on any subcap
-Similar CPU usage to improved cloak
-Uses 10% of ship max pg
-Uses 20% of ship max capacitor to activate

There is already a cloaking that can be fit to any ship and it has appropriate traits.

No, -1.

Just trying to make acceleration gates and kitey ships less safe. Current cloak is more defensive while the one proposed is offensive.

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I too love my blops titans

30 seconds for a titan warp would not be nearly enough. Also fair I’m changing OP to reflect unavailable for capital ships.

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i too love my 99% web cov ops hyperspatial vindicators, my cov ops 10k alpha tornados and my cov ops smartbomb machariel fleets

Good. More death the better. If someone is too dumb to see local spike a machariel or vindi fleet then they deserve it. Also it’s like you completely missed the part where it had a cooldown and duration. These are in no way cov ops and cannot be used after jumping.

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I love my cov ops mining fleets and my cov ops dsts

There is a reason cloaking is so limited.

Lol so you’re gonna take a mining laser off each barge for a 30 second cloak when you can just fit a normal cloak? Deep space transports go through gates, this can’t be activated near a gate. Are you trolling?

This is an offensive cloak and I guarantee more pew and dead nanos and ‘perfect safety’ plexers with endorsement.

To make it even less likely to be used defensively let’s make it only activatable IN WARP. Modifying OP.

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Don’t you get it, READ the feedback, people don’t want regular ships to be like Covert OPs.

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I’m… I’m actually not against this idea.

It’s not covops, by a long shot. Covops have all the time in the world to attack targets. They can be cloaked on grid, wait for that VNI to come around for another pass. They can bridge, etc etc etc.

The only real defensive use I see for this would be to screw with smartbombing on gates. Travel cepters would be damn near impossible to kill with this fitted… and it would be fitted. So I would make it mutually exclusive with nullification.

That said… as an offensive module I can see this being a huge boon to hunters for roaming gangs.

  • Target has local and dscan (attacker will show on dscan before they warp or on dscan before they activate cloak)
  • Target will see probes if the attacker has a good warp-in
  • Attacker will have a narrow window of opportunity to capitalize on the element of surprise… by my estimate, less than 15 seconds of sublight cloak time.

I’m sure we can all recount many times that the Ishtar/VNI/Carrier/whatever warped off a fraction of a second before we got point.

I am, however, of the overall opinion that PVE should require PVP fits, and that the two should be able to seamlessly intertwine (pver can easily switch to pvp). If said ratting ships had justified pvp fits to do their pve in, the result of getting tackled would be far less of a foregone conclusion than it is now.

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I am close to certain that this was the original design goal for the havens and sanctums in nullsec, as in someone doing the haven or sanctum is always at the risk of some unwanted pvp to get the high rewards.

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or you just use a cov ops ship that is already balanced around the overwhelming advantages of cloaking

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The narrow mindedness is so dense in you.

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at least I don’t need to be cloaked or insta drop out of warp to catch my targets

Judging by your killboard no you need 5 other guys and lose a ship every other fight. Most impressive.

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this is also nothing more than a logi toon who hasn’t lost a ship since may. nor have any ships its been fleeted with been lost in over six months.

however when it comes to chasing down ships that’s done on a FW toon


You don’t speak for anyone other than yourself.

I for one like the idea because it gives each ship a new ability that throws a monkey wrench into the gankers plans.

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All I did was suggest he read other peoples feedback which was all sarcasm at that point because the idea is so bad.

Maybe less caffeine?