Cloak Burst

we have burst modules which use different types of things for fleets and mining and such.

would be kinda cool to have a cloaked fleet in a small radius, I recently made a post for a small deployable to fix the mobile scan inhibitor which i do think we should have, but i also think we should be able to have cloaked burst modules too.

need to ghost a fleet quick, just burst, make it a smallish area, could be something cool for tactical reasons.

just a thought i think would be kinda neat, would make increase the demand for mobile observatories.

You know how I would use this in a fleet battle? warp into enemy logi, then cloak everyone. Enemy fc immediately dies afterwards.

hmmm I’m a bit rusty with bursts, but i was under the impression mining bursts for example only effect those in the same fleet, if it was modelled like that you could have it only effect your fleet, perhaps a skill in it to not effect the range but number of ships cloaked

Because of the mechanics around cloaking, it would have to work like an ecm burst or a smart bomb. If it doesn’t cloak everyone in the area of effect, they’ll instantly be decloaked by any uncloaked players.

that’s a pitty, what I was thinking of was more of a fleet burst which would cause a temporary cloak to all members and each member would then be treated as if they were individually cloaked for a short time, if a pilot was then in a situation where they could not be cloaked or the cloak invalidated then that individual pilot would simply decloak that one pilot.

perhaps there is an alternate to this.

Instead of cloaking how about just making the effected ships not show on D-scan or maybe even combat probes. I could see more fun with that one and less opportunity to misuse it.

add a firing delay to an equipped ship that just came out of warp (ie 10-15 seconds) this would make mobile fleets findable to a good d-scanner, but stationary ones much harder.

And to avoid those situations were the fleet could use deep space bookmarks and there fore be totally unfindable, only allow the bursts to work within certain ranges of a celestial’s warp-in spot. (ie they work by using the celestial’s massive gravitation to hide the fleet, so they cant work in deep space).

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that could work too, however with a specific cloaking burst you could still be decloaked by a mobile observatory and would make them more useful if an enemy fleet is cloaked up in your space.

the anti D-scan burst is a good idea though, there is clearly an anti d-scan code in the game, perhaps slap it into some fuel based modules / uses charges like a burst module, this way it only works when its active.

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