Burst Cloaking Device

3-3 by my count. Also bringing up a poor points such as ‘cov ops dst’ (can’t be active near gate?) and comparing this to a cov cloak (30 seconds only in warp?) saying it’s identical is the reason I don’t respect their opinions. Look like forum trolls to me or bitter players (doubt they’re vets) that think all change is bad unless it’s changing the one niche they’re currently invested in.

Every idea is a bad idea unless it’s exactly what they want and only if it influences them positively. That’s why apparently a burst cloak to catch people is a ‘bad idea’ and invulnerability cores to make krabbing easier made it to TQ. EVE forums love to argue even when it’s something they’re not invested in or would affect them at all. If someone makes one statement they don’t agree with in a ten paragraph post the whole idea is trash and written off instead of constructive criticism and follow up ideas to balance a potential neat thing.

At the moment there is a solid truth that really sucks and it’s that it’s way too easy not to lose isk proportionately to how much you’re making. Frigates with less than 1mil value with sub2 sitting at a button should not be able to generate that much income. The effort it takes vs the reward of stopping them is futile. This would cause them to explode much more frequently along with many other low risk low align cancer players.

No matter how many times I say it in different words it doesn’t matter. I’ve never seen someone on this toxic forum have their opinion changed because you’re all bullheaded and think you know everything. People think it’s fine apparently. So I’ll just stop and deal with the fact that they are unintelligent and narrow minded.

The ‘elite’ nano frigate players are afraid they’re going to have to start fighting brawl cruisers, and actually get picked on for once, so they won’t agree because their life will get harder and smartbombs won’t be their only weakness. The farmers obviously hate this idea for the same reasons. They’re afraid this module would make some of their gameplay involuntary and that’s what it boils down to. Sucks to be so scared sry.

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It’s all a matter of priorities, if they are going to work on covert there is plenty to do on the existing covert ops fleet.

Uh no it’s not a matter of priorities you’re not ccp and neither are the tools that lurk fnd going post to post saying how hard it would be for ccp to do x y or z. Also whose priority? Yours? Like I said 3-3 even in this small sample size. And that’s 50% in fnd which is like 99/100 in real numbers cause everyone comes here to say ideas are bad.

This is features and ideas not balancing existing modules. While both can be appropriate who are you to say it’s just about one or the other?

Exactly. So instead of saying oh we should look at real cloaking or we have better things to do how about actually talking about the idea and why you don’t or do support it? Plenty could have been done with current balance instead of introducing Triglavian ships but guess what people like new ■■■■.

So far we have two troglodytes who are afraid of getting battleship ganked (lol 30 seconds to get into position without mwd) and seeing them on dsts (even though it wouldn’t work) and one guy saying it’s not important even though it would shake balance up and make everyone in more danger.

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Everyone gets a vote, my vote is no.

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