T3 Covert Battlecruisers - Assassin / Heavy Bomber Ships

Tier (not tech) 3 Battle Cruisers, which do not lose resist with polarized weapons, instead gaining resistance that do insane damage, are paper thin, and can work cloaked.

One line bad ideas thread.

You just described a 2000+ DPS talos with a covops cloak.

Balanced, this is not.


What makes them T3?
Why should they not lose resists from polarised weapons when they should also be ‘paper thin’?
What is the purpose of these ships?

Just why?


The benefits

you can make them have omni resist (25% Across the board) equally, and then just make it so they dont lose resist from the weapons. This will help validate those weapons, but also give it a uniqueness to the ship.

Anti-capital low cost ship options for new players that helps validate cloaking related organizations and gameplay.

Teir 3 is from pre-tieracide and before they were labeled Attack Battlecruisers.

Ah yes, a battlecruiser that can welp dreadnoughts and carriers.

Piss off with the trolling.

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Anti-capital low cost ship options for new players that helps validate cloaking related organizations and gameplay.

So, these tech2/3 ships are supposed to be cheap, ultra high DPS, AND newbie friendly to get into? What is their downside? Their tank doesn’t matter much, as a covops cloak means they have almost total engagement control so do not need to take any fight where they aren’t bubbled and caught by a decloaker.

Not a troll, actually. Capitals need to die even more. I dont agree with the nerf, but i also dont think caps should be able to attack sup caps (i think they should be cap vs cap / structure). I want to move capitals up in power (health/tank/damage) as well as structures (making structures extremely dangerous).

I then want the sub-caps to fight around the caps protecting them, preventing caps (mechanically) from touching the subs (removing any sub-cap damaging options (by changing tracking stats etc) and things like smart bombs from capital ships.

I think these heavy bombers would fit in that structure.

The way you described them, they will be cheap overpowered anti-everything ships. CovOps polarised superbombers? Terrible for game balance.

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Slow/Tank is low will mean bubble mechanics (especially hictors) will be hard counters.

So, these need to happen to make your desired structure that changes every aspect of the game work well.

No. All of those are bad changes.

Oh, an old label that has been discontinued for a reason? What could go wrong with re-introducing those alongside other ‘T3’ ships? :joy:

Noori, I’m sorry, but this is a bad suggestion.

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It’s not just bad, it’s “one line bad ideas thread” level of bad.

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You’re right. I think there’s a thread somewhere for these kind of suggestions.

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As said, they only ever have issues with bubbles. So, everything that isn’t bubbled or able to pop a bubble at will is pretty much dead as soon as it undocks. These would further kill lowsec as a sane ecosystem, countermeasures these necessitate would make anything but nullified ships and jump bridge travel an absolute pain in the ass, dropping sub numbers and making null flatter than a plate.

Just because low sec has issues, does not mean that other idea’s should be prevented from being in the game. Your approach at solving issues in this way is not a good way. Look for my upcoming post (in a few minutes) about how i think we should validate low sec.

The changes there are worse, and this is already a change which breaks multiple areas of the game. Wormholes, lowsec and highsec wars. Especially highsec wars, as countering these with bubbles in such a case is literally impossible.

This could (and I say could with a capital C) work IF this hypothetical…thing had marauder skill requirements or more and cost a billion ISK. Along with a paper thin tank, and ditch the covops cloak.

High skill, (very) high cost, insane DPS anticap glass cannon that can’t track subcapitals.

Flyable Shadow heavy fighters, basically.

No ditching the cloak, the entire point is the help motivate people to use cloak ships. If anything you can low the damage, but it should not have massive training time, or costs.

it should be like the current t3 bcs but slightly more train time (the covert ops cloak itself).

So, the concept is fundamentally and irredeemably flawed. The whole thing is overpowered to the point of breaking the game as described.