Tech 3 Expansion - What ship classes do you want to see?

The subject says it all…

If CCP were to carry out another Tech 3 expansion, what ship classes/types would you like to see? And what capabilities would you want to see in the subsystems?

Please note that this thread is purely about what classes/types we want to see and their capabilities, not whether or not we actually want to see it.

Examples would include Mining ships, Battlecruisers, or a Battleship, that could warp while cloaked. Obviously the power of these ships could be balanced by high skill requirements etc. I will build up a list over time on this opening post, based on what kinds of answers I get.

My own personal preference is clearly for the Battleship and Battlecruiser, and CCP could easily justify their introduction to the game as being the 4 main Factions’ response to the Triglavian threat and their new Tech 2 ships, which are apparently going to be released this year.

The ‘want-to-see’ list is below… Enjoy, and please keep it nice!

Interception Drive (dual AB/MWD use)
Interception Entanglement (dual Warp Disruption/Scrambler use)

Has some fitting slots
Is immune to warp bubbles, disruptors, scramblers

Salvage - can scan down wrecks and other salvageable objects not normally salvagable

Defensive subsystem: Covops Reconfiguration

Defensive subsystem: Covops Reconfiguration (it’s a major advantage for a battleship to warp while cloaked, so should require high skills to get into the ship or fit the subsystem, like Covert Ops 5)
+7.5% to shield/armor boost per level
+7.5% to overheating shield/armor boost per level
Shield version: +1 High slot, +3 Mid slots
Armor version: +1 High slot, +1 Mid slot, +2 Low slots
Defensive subsystem: Amplification Node - Gives total +50% shield/armor boost bonus, same again if overheated.
Shield version: +3 Mid slots, +1 Low slot
Armor version: +2 Mid slots, +2 Low slots
Defensive subsystem: Supplemental Screening - Gives total +50% shield/armor hitpoint boost, same again for overheating shield hardeners. Makes for a terrifying tank, but requires multiple shield/armor skills to lvl 5, and probably neglects cap in some way.
Shield version: +2 Mid slots, +2 Low slots
Armor version: +1 Mid slot, +3 Low slots
Offensive subsystem: Super-heavy Drone damage subsystem (but not a form of light carrier)
Offensive subsystem: Entropic Disintegrator
Offensive subsystem: Racial weapons with Very High damage-application, with small or no increase in dps over existing Tech2/Faction battleships. Examples are below:
Gallente Offensive subsystem (Blasters, Requires Large Blaster Specialisation 5)
+20% damage per level
+15% tracking per level
+5% optimal range per level
+5% falloff per level
Gives 6 Turret hardpoints (to leave spare utility high slots)
Because this weapon is more powerful than any other sub-capital Blaster ship (12 effective Blasters), it has very high skill requirements to get into (Blaster Spec 5), but the offensive subsystem skill is the same as for the Proteus, so once you have trained the main requirements, you may already have that to subsystem skill to level 5 from previous Proteus training. I think the different and high skill requirements for each battleship subsystem is an important part of the balance.
Caldari Offensive subsystem (Missiles, Requires Torpedo & Cruise Missile Specialisation 5)
+15% damage per level
+15% missile velocity per level
+15% explosion velocity per level
+15% explosion radius per level
+6 Launcher hardpoints (10.5 effective launchers, leaves spare utility high slots)
Minmatar Offensive subsystem (Projectiles, Requires Large Artillery & Autocannon Specialisation 5)
+7.5% damage per level
+10% rate of fire per level
+10% falloff per level
+10% tracking per level
+6 Turret hardpoints (12.375 effective Guns, leaves spare utility high slots)
Amarr Offensive subsystem (Lasers, Requires Large Beam & Pulse Laser Specialisation 5)
+10% damage per level
+10% rate of fire per level
+10% optimal range per level
+7.5% tracking per level
+5 Turret hardpoints (11.25 effective Lasers, leaves spare utility high slots, and less cap drainage from lasers)
Core subsystem: Suped up Bastion mode (e.g. can still move, but no prop mods active, requires Marauders 5)
Can fit Bastion Modules
Shield version: +1 High slot, +3 Mid Slots, +1 Low Slot
Armor version: +1 High slot, +1 Mid Slot, +3 Low Slots
Core subsystem: Targeted Cyno disruption, maybe combined with Blackops jump drive functionality.
Propulsion subsystem: Gravity Wave Star Jump - Can jump between nearby star-systems on it’s own without Cyno (but requires uber skills, like Blackops 5/Jump Drive Calibration 5). The only trouble is, you won’t know where you will appear in the system, and there is a small chance you end up in a completely different system to the one you intended! Can also fit a cynsaural field generator, but not the Jump Portal Generator.
Propulsion subsystem: Restrained MJD (halves distance travelled by MJD, halves spool time and reset time too), alongside other warp/sub-warp prop bonuses.


Only existing abilities are allowed or currently not existing ones are as well? If the latter then a ship that can hack and scoop deployed structures (MTUs, Mobile Depots, etc.; obviously under suspect flag as penalty) would be great. :dealwithitparrot:


I don’t see why we can’t be a bit creative… so sensible new abilities are welcomed! Please state the ship class/type as well please and I will add it.

None, all ship creep does when there is no new space is obsolete existing ships and make the ramp up curve for new players worse.


‘Ship-creep’ hasn’t stopped CCP from introducing a lot of new ships over the last 7 years. People want new ships, it brings new stuff to the game. Although I agree with your point about new space to explore. Please stick to topic… what would you like to see?

T3 Titan cost 10Trillion to build, swapping to Mass extinction mode kills all capitals in game including itself, player win’s an economic victory and brings balance and fun back to new eden. In celebration they build a statue in your name.

Seriously thou,

All combat inti’s turn to fleet inti’s. (Since new Combat inti’s take wormhole components)

New ship line T3 Combat Interceptor

New Module: Interception Drive: Changes between MWD and Afterburner depending on Mode.
New Module: Interception Entaglement: Changes between Warp disruptor and Warp scrambler depending on Mode. Can only be fitted on Combat Interceptor’s.

Mode 1: Kite

-80% sig reduction during mwd
+100% weapon range
Warp disruption cause’s targeted ship to receive 30% less rep’s.

Mode 2: Brawl
-40% signature radius
+50% tracking speed
Warp scrambler pauses all active cyno’s preventing anyone from jumping through.


Moved to General Discussion due this being a question and not a suggestion/idea.

T3 Battleships.

Capable of equiping XL weapons and either modes or sub systems specifically designed to combat capitals and super capitals, that actually work not like the marauders.


Stuff outside of the direct combat classes hasn’t really been given much Tech 3 love.

Don’t agree with that directly but ships that could function at a larger tactical battlefield level could be interesting - IMO it shouldn’t be as simple as turning on or off modules i.e. instead of pausing the cyno it disrupts how it works causing ships jumping to it to land within a radius/elsewhere in the system or even in a nextdoor system instead, etc.

EDIT: Or just for the LOL factor have the interceptor/interdictor act as a bridge to another cyno elsewhere so you could mess with people in a really evil way (obviously not a serious suggestion as it could also be used to extend a friendly cyno chain for even more rapid movement).

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2 wrongs don’t make a right.


We need T3 shuttles.

Its the only class of ships that never got any T2 versions. Time to give it some love.

T3 battleships for sure. One needs to be a drone variant and could be a good way to introduce a light carrier type of ship. T3 battleships can equip a covert ops cloak II, similar to mentioned above.

Maybe have something very similar to bastion seige mode module, buff stats, but it forces the prop mod off instead of keeping you anchored, so you can at least still move with regular propulsion.

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Oh cool, a cloaking carrier. Thats what this game needs. More carriers.


T3 high slot: Periphery Array

Stops the target ship from lighting any type of cyno.

2 wrongs don’t make a right.
2 wrongs make a left.

Maybe a subcap which is specialised in delivering anti-capital AOE munitions. Would there be a niche for such a ship?

If you want to kill capitals get a capital? sub-cap capital killers is just cheap and easy gameplay for people who don’t want to put the effort in.

T3 battlecruiser. 50% increase from system effects on ship

Priceless :slight_smile:

Just for something completely left field to the common requests not really thought out and a few aspect that I could see being abused - a Sisters of Eve flavour tech 3 that is a cross between a Porpoise and a Recon to facilitate small groups operating deep behind enemy lines. Can jump to covert ops cynos but can’t cloak, can be configured between mining, hauling, support (limited logi) and recon roles with one sub-system option that lets it hide itself and fleet’d ships in close proximity from d-scan (could potentially be abused to ****) and other options include fitting it out as a small ship carrier (around 5 cruiser hulls) or for ore haulage, etc.