Pocket T3 Battleships

The Admiral Graf Spe was a truly-terrifying boat. Google it.

I want one.


I can’t remember what stage we got to with this subject with the Old Forums, but…

Here are my requests oh Dev-gods of CCP:

A Battleship that can re-use rigs.

A Battleship that can be taken apart, repackaged, & put in an Orca.

A Battleship that is smaller & punchier than conventional T1’s & T2’s generally.

1 for each race.

A ‘covert’ option, as well as a ‘kick it to death with maximum blappiness’ option.

It would be good to see a ‘reps plus scanning & data/relic analyser boosts’ option, to help with the rougher sleeper caches. Syence Wessels, to quote Chekov from Trek.

Obviously the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ huge drone bay with huge guns & tank option needs to be in there ( who doesn’t love a Typhoon ).


Just to keep this subject alive :slight_smile:

I did have a sniff at this one:

I think you need 6 slots for Sub-systems here, as they are bigger than Cruisers ( Cruisers have 4 obviously ).

  • Core ( the power plant ).

  • Propulsion.

  • Sensors.

  • Offensive ( 3 of ).

The first 3 will work like Cruisers do. But I think you need 3 offensive slots. War is war, & battleships are supposed to be adaptable.

I’d suggest:

  • Bank of Guns with 80% damage bonus ( the Nightmare has a 150% damage bonus ).

  • Bank of Missiles with 80% damage bonus.

  • EWAR bank. 80% effect bonus.

  • Utility Bank. For Cap Transfers & reppers etc.

  • Stealth Equipment Bank. Covert reconfiguration. Only mounting Cloaks & Cynos.

  • Mining Bank. I’m not joking. Mining Drones, plus an Ore Hold. Syence Wessels.

  • Scanning & Analysing Bank. Same Scan & Analyser bonuses as a Stratios. In a Bank to be added by the player if needed. Syence Wessels.

  • Drone Bank. Oh yes. Big one too. Large amounts of Bandwidth pliz. Maybe a Drone Control Range, Speed, & Damage, bonus on it; so you can think like a Fighter commander with a Carrier a bit ( not as powerful as a Carrier obviously ).

  • I seem to be thinking Planetary Interaction Bank. Just a storage hold obviously.


The Core would be either raw powergrid or raw capacitor, with a 3rd module for half & half. Plus options for slots to boost either shields or armor etc. Local Reps bonuses could be fun here.

Propulsion would be either MWD support or Afterburner support. Plus a ‘faster to warp’ one.

Both those 2 are pretty simple.


Sensors would be about range vs lock-on. Possibly with Web Support for those who want it. I was thinking:

  • Immobility Driver. Scan Res bonus, plus 2 slots for Webs with a light range bonus ( not as good as a Bhaalgorn ).

  • Multiple bogeys in the air! As in: locking on to 12-odd targets, with a BIG Scan Res bonus, & some EWAR hardening too.

  • Syence Wessel. Bonuses to Probe Strength. Built in Arrays. Maybe some slots to add Arrays too.


The Battleship hull is so versatile that it could be a whole heap of fun here. I’d love to see a T3 come into play some-time.

I have deliberately put in 2 options for Syence Wessel banks ( both Sensors & Offensive ) to make sure people can really play around with this Hull ). In Trek Star Fleet had multiple grades of Syence Wessel, & I believe that EVE should take inspiration from this. If you put in both modules they should stack, obviously.


Do you see why it needs to be smaller & punchier. This could be the stuff of Wormholes :wink:


I don’t doubt it’ll have a high skill requirement to undock it; but hot sex is hot sex :slight_smile:

Stuff of Wormholes… you mean the Nestor?

And let us be honest here, you want a Battleship, with incredible firepower, and the right to have drones?

I have no idea why you want this battleship to be so small packaged to specifically load on an Orca tbh, but removing 20k m3 is a bit too much.

I mean even the Gallente, which are major nerds on drones, did not bother to add drone bays on their T3.

If you really want it to be small, consider the BattleCruiser class, I would also try and compare what you suggested to the other T3 since those T3 are more powerful than the T2 and T1 counterparts, but are more efficient at dealing with Combat sites.

If this ‘battleship’ were to come out, think for a bit, why would anybody bother exploring in other hulls when this battleship is God at everything? Rats? Check. Sleepers? Check. Players in hulls that are way weaker because T3 is typically more powerful? Check. It would make all other hulls in risk of not being used because of this go-to option once you get the skills for it and we would see that battleship all over the place, in fact no we wouldn’t, because they can cloak.

Trust me, I am fairly certain other T3 ships will happen, but this is too much power in one ship that you are asking. Small, Strong, Cloak, Drones, Any Site… If anything CCP will design the next T3 like the previous ones, give it more pow here and there, a shiny unique model, some traits here and there, Maybe a bit smaller in packaged volume like they did with the T3 Dessy, done, a new ship to reliably run sites and crap on players with inferior hulls.

While we’re at it, I want to fly a pair of XL guns.

More specifically, duct tape my pod to a pair of XL guns, and I want to call it a frigate. Slap a warp drive on it, call it good.

T3 Frigate we’ll call it. The guns will have amazing tracking because you can just turn your whole ship.

And lo, the eejits come out to play.

shrugs It’s not god if it can be taken down by EVE Uni.

Oh I’m sorry… you were being serious with this thread?

T3 BS sound cool, but it is a problem to find what to do with them that isn’t already done or too powerful.

Currently, cruiser sized, BS capabilities is covered by T3 cruisers fairly well. And just repeating the same but just bigger and more powerful seems boring.

T3 destroyers are “tactical” and can change modes depending on the current situation (tactics).
T3 cruisers are “strategic” and can change subs, modules and rigs on refit to tailor to what they intend to do (strategy).

T3 BC or BS should be the next level of planning, but the higher scale of conflict is what? logistics? Unfortunately that’s already taken for remote reps in EVE… And what would that be any ways? I guess something that is aimed at keeping the frontlines well supplied and plugging holes?

A T3 BC or BS that can fill the “FC bunker”, mini-carrier (both large sized logi, with triage?, and mini fighter platform, that last one coming up frequently in suggested ships) and “strongpoint/spearhead” maybe? To follow the pattern of “change on the fly” to “change on refit” from tactical to strategic, this one would have modules that are destroyed when you take them out, so it is possible to change the roles, but not something you would do often?


Fair comments:

My options/choices bubbled down too:

Fit it all in an Orca for sneaking it about. Not impossible when repackaged.

Being able to choose what you want for the mission. Like the T3C.

Science options on a Battleship hull ( we do not have that at present ).

Doing an Incursion if you need the ISK.

Raiding Low & Null, with a way to scan stuff down AND get home.


This is more that just dog-fighting with T3C’s. The Marauder is there to go out & smite pirates, but it can’t do science. The Nestor can rep, drone, & do a little blapping, but it can’t do science.

The gap is science.

So, yes, Sisters of EVE need to make a bigger Stratios. Fair does. But… With the Nullbears & their swarms you need a boat that can survive better than a Strat caught off guard. Whilst doing what a Strat does.


Want to nail a big low-sec site for the loot drop, but Medium Guns won’t cut it? You’ll need Large Guns then. And you’ll need enough tank. Possibly with Cov Ops to make it home too.


That’s it really. Large Turrets. Large Launchers. Science Rigs. All stuff that T3C’s can’t do. And the Sciencey stuff can’t be done by Marauders or the Nestor either ( the Nestor is a reps boat with Nice Drones ).


FC Bunker might be an option too.


Storyline-wise I was looking at how it’s usually Low & Null raiding High Sec. The Empires in retreat. Said Empires are always trying to get sleeper, drifter, etc, tech & shinies; so what would they do with them? I think it’s about time the Empires struck back ( ahem ).

As a Tactical ship I would not expect it to have the Firepower of a Nightmare, or the Webbi-ness of the Vindi, or the Web-range-i-ness of the Bagel. But it should get close in each configuration you choose.

The above vs Nightmare might be 2 gun slots plus a util slot ( 4 guns ) at 80% damage; & the Nightmare does 150% damage with 4 guns, 2 util slots, AND drones.

These boats won’t be gods ( like the people panicking above claim ).

I saw each Bank ( offensive ) as a turret with 2 guns, or 2 launchers, or a chunk of sciencey stuff, or a drone launcher. The Turret on real battleships goes down several decks into the hull after all. A Turret is A LOT of space to play with.


And I want a Syense Wessel. In an Orca. With a Graf Spe option :wink:

I still do not understand why you want to carry it around in an Orca… Specially with the risk factor that the Orca has for being somewhat slow in gates if it’s going around in low/null… If you tell me its to get through WHs… Just find a bigger WH or haul it in a more appropriate ship like an Iteron MV or even a T2 transport ship that has a Fleet Hangar considering they are faster to align and warp… And if its because of the Orcas Maintenance Bay… Who is there to yank out the ship anyway? Are you really willing to risk loosing an Orca just to sneak a BS into the fray?

FC Bunker thoughts:

  • Armoured magazine ( to replace one turret ). The ammo can’t be detonated, so you count as having an extra 10k armour.

  • Secondary Shield Generator ( to replace one turret ). Extra 10k shields.

  • Secondary bridge. In the event of the first bridge taking too much damage your pod is relocated to the Second Bridge ( in a slot where once was a turret ). 10k more hull.


How about that? All classed as offensive for the sake of slots, but certainly about tank.


As for in an Orca it’s because Orca’s stand a better chance of survival. Bowheads are loot-pinyatas. Just beat it 'til the stuff falls out. Orca’s can cloak.

Orca’s can cloak until they need to warp or get discovered, just like any other ship that can fit a cloaking device, if someone spots it cloaking it’s a matter of time till someone approaches its general direction. If anything a Bowhead is a better option due to actually being able to align Faster just by simulating both ships. You plan to leave the ship in space or something? Cause again if it is for the purpose of sneaking in a ship to some place a transport ship gets the job done more easily, sure it is weaker but it trades resistances for Speed, which is what the Orca and Bowhead lack, those 30 seconds aligning is enough to be caught, and cloak will not save you if they see you cloak and lack the speed, which is even WORSE when cloaked!


Or you’re a Nullbear arguing that this mustn’t happen because you’re afraid of raiders. A cloaky Battleship would be a problem for you.

Which I feel is what is really going on.

Care Bear stare! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do not need to start pointing a finger at me when all I want is decent reasoning. This isn’t arguing its discussing, I want a legit reason for you to say that an Orca is better than anything else that is faster, cause in my eyes you can go ahead and loose as many Orcas as you want with that ship in the cargo trying to get past bubbles and ships that lock you and warp scram you.

Also, isn’t a carebear the definition of players that want others to play how others do, primarily the PvE focused ones? I wouldn’t know cause I never told anyone to do as I tell them nor complain about loosing ships to players.

Primarily on the topic of sneaking battleships in, there’s an entire class of T2 battleships that exist for that very role. Not that you’d ever actually use them for real pvp… but there’s that.

Sorry, the 1st thing come into my mind after reading the 2nd post is a Gundum robot, not an EVE ship :joy:.

But putting it back into perspective, its sounds more like a T3 BC, specially referring to OP:

A Battleship that is smaller & punchier than conventional T1’s & T2’s generally

Base on T3C trend, a T3 kind of matches 1 to 1.5 level up. So a T3 BC will be more agile than BS, but match or slightly more powerful than a T2 BS. And modular at the same time.

But seriously, how expensive will that ship be? If you scale it with today T3C, a T3BC will have a price tag of a carrier! But only with fire power at BS level? And the skill queue may even go beyond carrier. And base on CPP history, that will be a new skill tab :scream:

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