Hello everyone,
I realized I have only done good posts in a while and I felt it’s only fair to put something out there for you to rip apart.

Presenting to you, the freshes fart: T3 Battlecruiser.

The T3 Battlecruiser Class (no name suggestions here, because lol srsly?) sets itself apart from other ship classes, by having some unique capabilities and fitting some really useful (lel) niche and general purpose roles.

There is each one for Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. Their general stats for resis, fitting space, hp and damage will be somewhere in between T1 and T2.

They’ll naturally be able to fit only one Command Burst.

However, they can fit a completely new super cool thing: the Mini-Phenomena Generator.
This little copycat of the Titan module, allows for altering the battlefield in the short-range vicinity. While not as influential as their big friend and not as far reaching, it’s still cool.

As the big friends of the Confessor, Jackdaw, Hecate and Svipul, they also come with a similar 3-Mode-System. The largest difference is the longer cooldown timer of pretty much 1 minute.

Each of them will have a:

Boosh Mode
While in Boosh, they’ll get a bonus to Command Burst range and strength and the same for Mini-Phenomena range and strength.

Prop Mode
While in Prop, they’ll stop behaving like a freaking Battleship and actually gain some proper speed and agility.

Bambam Mode
While Bambam, they do more Damage and apply better.

No, sadly they don’t have a CovOps Cloak and they aren’t nullified either.

But they could fit a Bomb Launcher, because that could make them somewhat unbalanced.

Since Fun > Balance, this is surely a good idea.

There you go, how much do you like this idea?

I want more ships that shoot bombs so they are used more (or weapons you have to manually aim like doomsdays or bombs) but this seems kinda pointless.

How about I put a Rapid Bomb Launcher on top of it? You’ll bite?


I hate frigs, frig fleets are cancers, so here: Make a glass cannon platform that fits 1 rapid bomb launcher. If it gets caught its dead, but if it doesn’t there will be bombs flung across space at godspeed. Sounds Dank.

It pretty much would be. Not entirely glass cannon, but nowhere near as tanky as T2 BCs and the goal would be that they have more to offer in terms of new types of offense and support, than in terms of defense.

The idea is interesting, but not good at all.

The Mini-Phenomena Generator is ok and makes sense, because they are T3 Reversed Tech from WH Sleeper’s components and should have the WH phenomena effects. The Boosh Mode and Prop Mode on T3 BC will completely replace the current BS fleet mechanics, aka will make almost all BS useless. Moreover, these T3 BC will have enough versatility and speed to dodge or counter any Bomber Fleet mechanic, which will automatically dumpster another paradigm of ships usage and a big part of game mechanic for small gang and fleet brawls.

Overall, I can’t see the NEEDY usage of something between T3 Cruisers and T1 or T2 BS in game right now, considering the availability of enough powerful T2 BC.

i’d like to request a built-in mjd.

yes, the MJD is a pain to fit when sacrificing a high slot

That’s what I’m talking about!

Neither do I. It’s hard to argue there would be the need for really anything at all. It could be fun though.

Between T3C and BS is quite a lot of space. T2 BCs are extremely tanky and powerful. The goal for T3BCs would be to still be a BC, but not be as brutally powerful as their T2 friends. Instead, they’d have the advantage of having more sublte influence on the battlefield, but also being a little less predictable overall by giving them different modes and a few unique features.

How about the ability to fit a Jump Field Generator instead?

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useless for staying on grid

so what kind of cooldown timer do you see for a built-in mjd?

i want a 50km mjd with cooldown time of 6 seconds thank you very much

I would love to see rather than turrets multiple bomb launchers, the ability for a booster specific to this class with charges for effects based on wormhole flavors. Default skins should be hello kitty, nyan cat, my little pony, and fern gully. Not sure which race should have which though.

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consider it done

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if the music changes according to the skin, i’m on board.

it may fit anti-asteroid launchers, for when you want to save others from mining

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mode 1 : immun to dscan, but can’t use dscan.
mode 2 : immun to probes, but can’t probe and loses 50% of its speed (to reduce effectiveness as a DED escalation rater).
mode 3 : nullifed but agility is modified to double align time.

agreed! and warp speed of 0.5 au/s

with the ability to create a warp bubble in mid warp pulling other ships on the same route into it, forcing them to slow down to 0.5au/s as well!

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and forcing them to wear the hello kitty skin as well


-1 Another pointless ship that doesn’t fill a need.