[Idea exploration] Further Battlecruiser Tiericity

I have no concrete idea(s) for this - hence the title, so we can just spitball a bit - but I’d like to see more Battlecruiser types.

So far all we got is standard T1 BCs and T2 Command Ships. How about T2 Heavy Attack Battlecruisers, specifically meant for sieges OR maybe to serve as “cruiser killers”, and/or T3BCs (however those would work)?

Why? The fact that you admit you don’t exactly know what you would want them to be tells me you don’t actually have a niche that needs filling.

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Lugh is right.

Making ships for ships sake results in a ship with no job or it takes over the job of another ship with no interesting choice between the two.

Think of a role you want the ship to play, and then think of the ship.

There are 6 types of Battlecruiser, just for completeness’ sake. They are (with Gallente examples because that’s my faction) the T2 Fleet Command Ships (Eos), T2 Attack Command Ships (Astarte), The T1 Attack Battlecruiser (Talos), and the T1 Combat Battlecruiser in two flavors (Myrmidon, Brutix), and the Faction Battlecruiser (Brutix Navy Issue).

Attack Battlecruisers are the ‘siege’ type, being able to mount Battleship sized guns on a cruiser size chassis.

That only includes the main factions, too. I am pretty sure the Triglavians have battlecruiser sized ships, and there may be pirate versions as well, though I did not fly any.

“I have no concrete idea(s) for this […] but I’d like to see more Battlecruiser types.” That’s why. Also, I gave 2 examples that simply aren’t fleshed out.

You mean like the Command Destroyes and Tactical Destroyers did when they where implemented?

Maybe you two could let people just explore ideas and not puke your negativity all over a thread when nothing has really been said yet.

Command DD both filled a needed niche when boost were moved on grid as well as a way to break up enemy fleets or position your own when within 150 of a ping.

T3d were used to add a more viable on grid combat scanner and try out what most of the playerbase correctly described as a gimmick.

They weren’t just added to add more ships.

You just want more BC for a reason you haven’t explained and the two roles you suggested for them are already covered by existing BC lines.

Command destroyers have two roles. Group mjd and small booster.

And tactical destroyers have that combat scanner role, but even then they were widely regarded as having a bad impact on ship balance. They made assault frigs obsolete; so assault frigs had to be given multiple buffs, which meant interceptors had to be buffed and so on and so on.

You’ve kind of made my point.

If there’s nothing to say, why make the thread?

Uses that were figuered out, not niche roles that were needed and asked for.

I gave my reasoning. And follwoning your logic we could basically scrap most T2 lines completely as these roles are already covered by their T1 equivalents.

Maybe read the title?

My point exactly. Thank you.

You criticizing the fact that I don’t provide a concrete idea or fully fleshed out concept for these ships is neither constructive nor in any way good feedback when the title clearly states that this thread is meant to explore the idea of further BC tiericity…

If you don’t liek people spitballing maybe just keep moving.

This is constructive feedback whether you accept it or not. Meanwhile:

  • This is for Features and Ideas - not simple requests.
  • Threads like “I want XXX module. Give it to me now,” are not constructive.
  • Please put some ideas into it, even if it’s just a suggestion or two to spark a thread.

Me, I would like to see a heavy bomber. Something that can scare caps.


Seriously, are you stupid or something?

Further. Battlecruiser. Tiericity. That’s not a request, that’s an Idea I’d like to explore. To see what could be done and what could be useful.

I’m not asking for anything - this is a thread to explore the idea of Further. Battlecruiser. Tiericity.

How does this not compute for you?


It leaves a lot unexplained.

What is ‘cruiser killer’? What makes it kill cruisers and not other ships?

or ‘meant for sieges’ mean? Does it have a siege mode?

what… they were exactly why they were added. CCP didn’t just go

“hey lets put links on a DD”

they said “hey guys we are going to force links on grid we know this is going to make it impractical for small gangs to run with links so we are also adding this new ship called a command DD that will let you have links in small gangs.”

For the T3D it was

Well T3 come from and are heavily themed around WHs so we are going to give them a reduction in scan probe launchers. We don’t expect them to be used as exploration ships but we think this will be useful for combat probing targets and give a viable option to a fleet that doesn’t require the use of an alt.

adding in focused damage bombs that these launch would be a great way to go about it. You would need to aim but hitting a giant FAX in siege with a few shouldn’t be too hard. and now you really need DDs to screen bombers off your caps.

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It does, but that’s where others can throw in their ideas.

To start off, I think it’s fair to say that most T1 ships have T2 counterpart that fill their roles better or improves on certain things filling that role. So, if we have Attack BCs for example, why not have Heavy Attack BCs that do that job a bit better? And what role boni would be useful and feasable for such ships?

BCs are rather sluggish compared to Cruisers. So why not have a type of BC that has far better mobility, either through speed or use of modules, that makes it easier for them to catch up with cruisers and destroy them with their better armaments.

How about specilized BCs that deal in drone eWar? Keeping in mind that BCs are rather slow, using drones - especially eWar drones, to give it a unique flavor - might be a great way to get a new T2 BC branch and to breath new live into eWar drones as well.

T2 are not meant to do a T1 job better they are meant to specialize in a role that may or may not have been possible by the T1.

ABC are already specialized into a role and unless you can show a need for it do not need further specialization.

For instance the Bantam and Osprey are both logistics ships and can slot into most fleets. Kirins and Basi however generally need more justification to bing them out. namely Basi are focused on logistics for larger ships with more buffer. and a Kirin is very good in large fleets with high numbers or soft targets .

Sooo… basically do the job better

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