[Ship Suggestion] Tactical Battlecruisers

As the title, pretty much.

I like the Tactical mechanics of T3 destroyers a great deal, and I’d love to see something similar reused for other hull sizes.

Since Cruisers have the ‘Strategic’ mechanics, and Battlecruisers are the ‘in-between’ hull for Cruisers and Battleships, it would fee natural to have a line of Battlecruisers with the Tactical mechanics.

Precisely what kind of ships they could/should be is probably a matter for debate. I do have a couple suggestions of my own, however:

  • Drone platform: No Tactical Destroyers/ships have drone capabilities, so it’d be interesting to see the options available to a drone-focused Tactical BC.
  • Oversized weapons: Similar to Attack Battlecruisers, I think it would be interesting if Tactical Battlecruisers could mount a limited number of Large weapons - which receive shifting bonuses depending on which mode the Battlecruiser is in. This would be in the same vein as the Tactical Destroyers, but also including some of the flavour of Attack BC’s.

With the balance issues the destroyers had wrecking a bunch of other classes. Hell no.
It’s always a nightmare and ends up ruining other ships.

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